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  by Lawrence Crossing
I've searched this forum for specific engine numbers but have not come up with I'm looking for. I'd like to know more about GG1 #4863. I have a photo of my grandfather the engineer, my cousin and me in the cab of this engine in Trenton Station on the day my grandfather retired from the PRR. It would be fun to see other photos of this engine!
  by Lawrence Crossing
Thanks Mike. I see that 4863 was parted out and scrapped. Oh well, it happens to the best of us.

Here's a pair of pics from my grandfather's last run with the Nellie Bly, 1961.

Into Trenton

Grandfather, me (partially hidden} and my cousin

A couple of 10-year-olds get a short ride in a GG1!
  by Ocala Mike
Cool pics, and great memories for you. I have about 10 years age-wise on you, and I can tell you that the GG-1 was a favorite engine during my "trainspotting" years in the '50's at NYP.
  by CarterB
PRR 4863 is often credited with pulling the inaugural train under wire PHL to Harrisburg, due to a mislabeling of an original print.[15] 4863 actually had pulled the first westbound train to Philadelphia, departing an hour after 4859 had arrived in Harrisburg.

Also photo of 4863 in PC mating worms do-up. http://images.cloud.worthpoint.com/wpim ... 79be8e.jpg
  by Lawrence Crossing
No image comes up for me at that link. :(

How were engines assigned to routes?