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  by highrail
There have been several posts in a few threads about a geometry car making the rounds. There was a photo of it at both new Bedford and then at Hyannis. What type of inspection equipment does the car have and what is the purpose of the inspection? How does it differ from the analysis done by the sperry rail service, which I believe does analysis of the rail itself? Thanks.
  by steamer69
Track Geometry cars measure and inspect for alignment, crosslevel, curvature, rail gauge, rail profile, and warp. In order to do this they use a few different types of measuring devices to include laser measurement systems, accelerometers, video systems, gyroscopes and in older cars proximity sensors. I'm almost willing to bet that I have left out or forgotten a few pieces of equipment, but someone can add to it if I have forgotten. The biggest difference between a geometry car and a sperry car is that the sperry car is set up to look for defects (both internal and external) with the rail, where as the geo car inspects the entire roadbed. This is the reason you see referances to having both a sperry car and a geometry car over the same track sometimes within days or weeks of eachother.
  by MEC407
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  by John_Perkowski
Track Geometry cars measure a host of information about the condition of track on the line. Union Pacific's EC-5 and at least one of the FRA units are built by Plasser of Austria (we see their MOW equipment with the logo PlasserAmerican).

Here is FRA T-17:

  by John_Perkowski
BNSF uses a HW former observation car (someone expert on BNSF heritage will have to share the lineage of this car, I don't know it...)

  by Freddy
They also make sure the DDs fire.(Work/Sound Off/Detect heat,and do what DDs do).