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  • Discussion of General Electric locomotive technology. Current official information can be found here: www.getransportation.com.
Discussion of General Electric locomotive technology. Current official information can be found here: www.getransportation.com.

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  by ns c39-8
Does anyone have any GE recordings. Looking for start up, idle, dynamic brakes, pump sounds, engine notching etc. so that I can make my own sounds for my ESU sound decoders?

  by SRS125
I baught a tape with varyed sounds on it I'll see if it has an address for the maker of that tape. It has sounds of of GE's idleing, GE's runing in 8th noch, sounds of complete trains with Full GE Power runing up and down Tahapi Loop and more. Give me a few days to find the sound tape. If I can't find an address I'll be more than happy to make a copy of the tape for you.

  by ns c39-8
I would greatly appreciate that

  by SRS125
I found the tape and here is the address for the company that make this tape. These sounds are in Stario sound crank the radio up the house will vibrate and rattle. The Sounds are real recordings.

Big Train Sound
P.O. Box 511
Southfield, MI 48037-0511

The Tape or CD that you want is called Big Train Sound. I don't rember how much the taps or CD's were.

Here is what is on each track and how long each of them are.

Side 1.
1. Down Town Freight 2:28
2. Down the Tehachapi Loop 2:54 (These are GE's)
3. Slow Train at a Crossing 3:03
4. An SD40 Idling 2:59 this has full sound includeing the spitter veleves
5. Up The Tehachapi Loop 5:54 this is real recording of GE's
6. Yard Crossing in Spokane 5:17 these is sounds of an BNSF SD-9
7. Down the Tehachapi Loop with Rear Power 4:34 These are GE sounds.
8. A Double Stack pulls up grade 4:20 these are GE Sounds.

Side 2.
Out Side the Diesel Shop 5:22 Several EMD's being drowend out by one GE AC4400CW
2. Up the TTehachapi Loop with Mid Train Helpers 12:01 These are GE Sounds
3. Dynamic Breaking down the Pass 3:58 these are mixed EMD/GE Sounds.
4. A.J. Runs Eighth Notch 7:01 these are GE's with an EMD SD60 and a GP38-2 in town in full gear.

  by slchub
This gives me thought to go out and buy a digital recorder and record all my trips for you guys.

  by ns c39-8
this would be appreciated

  by slchub
Just this morning as I am climbing the canyon at 20 mph, I am thinking about this recording thing, and I was listening to the sound of the loco in notch 8, blowing the horn at the crossings, etc. Would someone actually listen to this? From the cab of the locomotive? I guess the exciting stuff is starting up, blowing for crossings, and dynamic braking, if you have an older unit that is not sound proof (somewhat). Ideas on this and what you would like?

  by SRS125
I would listen to diffrent sound recordings if there were more out there. I have varyed sounds of ALCO Units that were recorded on the Delaware & Hudson/CP Rail main lines in and around Binghamton, NY. The guy who recorded them made it his personel quest to do so befor all the ALCO's were wiped off both the D&H and CP rostors. I have both tapes in my collection and and guy who recorded them sells at the Syracuse, NY Train show every year.

  by ns2110
I for one would like to hear different diesel sounds. Things that come to mind are starting up prime movers, shutting them down and everything in between.

  by MEC407
I would like to hear all of that stuff too. I've heard it before, but I don't get tired of it. :-)

  by SRS125
I wished I had invested in a tape recorder back when I was still working for Sperry I used to work on the big cars and we were ofton parked near the Locomotive service area over night so that we could top off with water, fuel, and sand if needed.

  by slchub
Hmmm....okay. I'l goto Best Buy tomorrow and see about a digital recorder and see what works best. If I don't like the sound, I'll take it back and try another one. I guess we can upload .wav files here on the site?

  by ToledoTerminalRy
Id love to hear some real good waves of a U33C from notch 1-8 and cruising in about 4, a horn and startup.


P.S. if anyone knows whats a good digital recorder and approx. how much

  by ToledoTerminalRy
one thing that put me to sleep was cruising on flat ground (or relatively) with the window cracked so you could hear just the rails making noise.


  by slchub
I tried to record some decent sound using two diff. digital recordings. They all sounded awful from inside the cab.