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  • Discussion of General Electric locomotive technology. Current official information can be found here: www.getransportation.com.
Discussion of General Electric locomotive technology. Current official information can be found here: www.getransportation.com.

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  by MEC407
General Electric Co. on Thursday said it has signed a contract worth more than $650 million to supply 310 locomotives to Kazakhstan's national railway company.
Read the rest of the press release at:

  by Allen Hazen
MEC 407--
Thank you, very much, for posting that! It's very interesting, and I hadn't seen it.
My obsolescent computer had difficulties with the link; in case anyone else has problems, it was a Reuter's dispatch. dated 28.ix.06:

Headline: "GE signs over $650 mln locomotive contract with Kazakhstan"

"General Electric Co. (GE.N: [link to investment research]) on Thursday said it has signed a contract worth more than $650 million to supply 310 locomotives to Kazakhstan's national railway company.

"Under the terms, GE said it will manufacture and ship 10 Evolution Series locomotives in 2008, which will be made at GE Transportation's locomotive manufacturing facility in Erie, Pennsylvania.

""Production and delivery of key componentsfor 300 additional locomotives will take place from 2008 through 2012, with final assembly taking place at a new locomotive assembly plant in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan, the company said in a statement. (Reporting by Shikhar Balwani in Bangalore.)"


Comments in separate post later.
  by Allen Hazen
(1) Whatever you think of their politics, the Kazakhstanis are good for the money: another new story recently said K. was on ts way to being the second or third biggest oil exporter in the world!

(2) K. Railways was, i.i.r.c., one of the outfits that had GE re-engine some Soviet-era Russian-built diesels a few years ago. Evidently they were favorably imressed by GE's product!

(3) $2.1 million is an incredible bargain for a new locomotive these days, but maybe sensible for the "key components" (diesel engine + electronics/electricals: each, traditionally, about a third of the value), which may be all GE is counting. Full cost would include the "locomotive mechanical portions" done in Pavlodar (where, however, I'm morally certain hourly workers don't make the money their equivalents at Erie would).

(4) "Evolution Series," so far, has meant the new line of domestic locomotives with GEVO engines. Now, I wouldn't put it past GE to apply the new "brand name" to FDL-engined export models, but if these ARE to be GEVO equipped they will be among the first GEVO exports. (When are the 6,000 hp units for China supposed to come out? They'll, I assume, have 16 cylinder GEVOs.) So far railways not planning to operate their locomotives into the U.S. -- even North American ones like the Labrador iron-ore carrier -- have opted for FDLs.

(5) Soviet railways had lighter axle-loadings than U.S. The main lines in Kazakhstan may have been upgraded, but I would still expect these new GE locomotives to be lighter than a domestic ES44. Since the first ones aren't due until 2008, there's time to design a reduced-weight carbody. (Maybe they will look like a Genesis? Or like the high-altitude units built for China's Tibeta railway?)

Alltold, a VERY interesting development!

  by Allen Hazen
Thanks for posting that! I take it it was at a trade fair held this year?
Did you get a good look at the engine? What's visible through an open hood door inside the GE pavilion is one of the tanks mounted on the turbocharger end of a GE diesel (the exhaust stack is visible at the top of the hood).

I know the Mongolian Railway has some C30-7i (or maybe U30C?): there is, or at leastused to be, a photo at the GE Transportation website. (This is an export model with a 12 cylinder FDL engine.)

  by the missing link
wonder if they have any 'loads' like borat for engineers? :P
  by GEVO
GE Transportation Announces Two Milestone Agreements With its Railway Partners in Kazakhstan.

The first, a 15-year customized service agreement (CSA) valued at nearly $500 million, is the largest service agreement outside North America in GE Transportation’s history.

In the second agreement, outlined in a Memorandum of Understanding signed by both parties, GE Transportation and KTZ will jointly invest in a GE Evolution® Series locomotive assembly plant in Astana, Kazakhstan.
http://news.moneycentral.msn.com/catego ... ID=9962659
  by MEC407
Kazakhstan has certainly become quite an important customer for GE. With this deal in place, GE has now earned well over $1 billion from Kazakhstan.

http://www.railwaygazette.com/news_view ... _deal.html
  by GEVO
GE Transportation Celebrates Grand Opening of New Locomotive Assembly Plant in Kazakhstan

GE Transportation has announced the grand opening of a new locomotive assembly plant in Astana, Kazakhstan. On July 3, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, hosted the official inauguration of the plant which will assemble GE Evolution® Series locomotives to serve railroad customers in Kazakhstan and the surrounding region.....
  by MEC407
More GE locos for Kazakhstan. This time, they're switchers -- 150 of them -- with AC traction motors, no less! First five units will be built at Erie; the rest will be assembled in Kazakhstan. Deliveries begin in 2012.
GE Transportation, JSC Locomotiv, and JSC LKZ plan to jointly develop shunter diesel-electric locomotives suitable for use in the Republic of Kazakhstan and across the CIS region using a track gauge of 1520 mm. GE Transportation will incorporate its proven AC traction technology in the design of the locomotives.
The first five shunter locomotives would be manufactured at GE Transportation's Erie, Pennsylvania (USA) plant. After the prototypes are manufactured and validated, the additional shunter locomotives would be assembled at Joint Stock Company Kurastyru Zauty's plant in Astana, Kazakhstan with kits from GE Transportation. Locomotive delivery is anticipated for 2012.
More details at: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/ge-sig ... _news_stmp
  by GEVO
Will be interesting to see which prime mover they choose for the loco design. They are using FDL and EVO engines over there already so it could go either way. But my guess is that we will see the first use of the EVO Inline in a locomotive.
  by Allen Hazen
Courtesy of someone who posted the link to the "Gelocos" Yahoo forum, some photos from inside the GE locomotive plant in Kazakhstan:
http://englishrussia.com/2011/04/25/evo ... comotives/
Minimal accompanying text. (Says that the plant produces about 100 of the "international" ES44 type a year.)
Perhaps the most interesting photos are of trucks ("provided by General Electric Transportation Systems" -- seems to imply these are not fabricated on site). These are a welded-frame export version of the "roller blades" truck, similar to those on, e.g., Australian NR-class and the Tibetan high-altitude locomotives. Recommended for anyone who wants help visualizing how the truck and carbody relate. There seem to be three supporting posts (two on the sideframes and one on the centerline between two of the axles) and a low-level (well below the top of the sideframes) socket to receive the pivot pin from the carbody. (This pin is very prominent in one photo of an upside down underframe on the shop floor.)
  by MEC407
Kazakhstan has built its 100th Evolution Series locomotive:
CASPIO NET wrote:The one hundredth locomotive has been produced in Kazakhstan. The diesel locomotive with an anniversary number was manufactured at the locomotive production plant EVOLUTION in Astana. The machine was successfully tested, and will now transport freight along the “Aktogai – Semei” route. The locomotive was a gift by railway employees for the 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence. The machine is a part of the fifth generation of the EVOLUTION series, manufactured under license of the General Electric Company and is of the same high quality as its foreign analogs.
Read more at: http://caspionet.kz/eng/general/Kazakhs ... 93670.html
  by MEC407
Passenger Evolution locomotives for Kazakhstan:

From International Railway Journal:
International Railway Journal wrote:Kazakstan Railways (KTZ) signed a contract today at InnoTrans with GE Transportation to produce a passenger version of GE's Evolution series locomotive at the Lokomotiv Kurastyru Zauyty(LKZ) assembly plant in Astana. LKZ is a subsidiary of KTZ.

The initial contract is for 110 locomotives for KTZ which will start to be delivered in the first half of 2014...
Read more at: http://www.railjournal.com/index.php/lo ... FnQxY4oNFI