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Discussion related to Amtrak also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corp.

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  by Gilbert B Norman
jp1822 wrote: Thu Dec 02, 2021 6:14 am The existing tunnels - two tubes built by the PRR within 2 years back in 1910.
Fellow CPA Mr. JP, how many lives were lost in the building of the Hudson and East River tunnels? Or even Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge?

The "price tag" on a human life has exponentially "exploded" since those days.
  by MattW
This may be answered and just buried deep in this topic, but how long is the rehab to the two exist tunnels supposed to take? In other words, even after Gateway is done, how long will we still have just two tunnels into NY from NJ?
  by eolesen
I'd imagine only one existing tunnel will be rehab'd at a time, leaving three in service...

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  by Bracdude181
Just out of curiosity, would anyone on here happen to know where the sand for the new tunnels is coming from?

For many years now, its been rumored the sand will be delivered by rail directly from Clayton Sand in Woodmansie NJ…
  by Ken W2KB
eolesen wrote: Wed Aug 03, 2022 11:24 am I'd imagine only one existing tunnel will be rehab'd at a time, leaving three in service...

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Yes. That is my recollection of an official summary I read some years ago.
  by Ken W2KB
January 31, 2023
Tonight's Spotlight brings you highlights from the day's news for New Jersey, brought to you by the reporting of NJ Spotlight News.

Today's developments

President Joe Biden came to New York City today bearing a significant cash infusion for the Gateway transportation project and a promise to work out all financing for its centerpiece element — two more rail tunnels under the Hudson River.
At a Manhattan news conference, Biden said $292 million from the federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law had been earmarked for completion of a concrete casing for the tunnels, running under the Hudson Yards complex.
Biden also said he was committed to finalizing a financing structure for the entire $16 billion project, which had been slow-walked and de-emphasized by the Trump administration.
“It’s going to take time. It’s a multi-billion-dollar effort between the states and the federal government,” Biden said. “But we finally have the money and we’re going to get it done — I promise you. We’re going to get it done!”
The two existing rail tunnels — shared by Amtrak and NJ Transit — are more than a century old and deteriorating.
Estimated to be more than a decade away, completion of the new tubes would allow for restoration and, ultimately, doubling of rail capacity.
See NJ Spotlight News for a video report. https://njspotlightnews.us1.list-manage ... c6c647465e
  by west point
A wag.. 10-13 years for completion of the 2 new tunnels. Then up to 4 years to fix old bores. Probably by time of new bores active both old bores will need complete shut down. But maybe one bore could be open for rush hours only a couple days sometimes . Not a good idea.

My worry is one bore will have to shut down before new bores complete. It would be great if all contracts have an early completion incentative for the new bores.
  by photobug56
I've gotten a strong impression that Amtrak wants this to be as slow and expensive as possible, that every effort will be made to make sure it's as late as possible. Learning every bad lesson they can from the ESA mess. With some sort of hope that by not doing serious, modern repairs to the old bores the way NYCTA did, that there will be major failures before real rebuild work begins. Yep, I know that makes zero sense, but given how Amtrak seems to be messing up everything it does lately, I kind of expect it.
  by JoeG
Who is managing the project? Is it Amtrak? The Port Authority?
  by photobug56
Managing the grift, or actual project management? There is something called "The joint New York and New Jersey Gateway Development Commission". Given that the 2 states agree on nothing, and that NJ has illegally abandoned the bistate waterfront commission, anyone's guess. That should add many billions and years to the already very inflated numbers.
  by Bracdude181
west point, is there any contingency plans should one tunnel cave in?
  by Bracdude181
I meant like, getting the people to NY without the NEC. Since those trains will be severely impacted, could PATH and the ferries fill in temporarily?
  by photobug56
I doubt they have the capacity. Amtrak is being very, IMHO, irresponsible.
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