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  • Guilford Rail System changed its name to Pan Am Railways in 2006. Discussion relating to the current operations of the Boston & Maine, the Maine Central, and the Springfield Terminal railroads (as well as the Delaware & Hudson while it was under Guilford control until 1988). Official site can be found here: PANAMRAILWAYS.COM.
Guilford Rail System changed its name to Pan Am Railways in 2006. Discussion relating to the current operations of the Boston & Maine, the Maine Central, and the Springfield Terminal railroads (as well as the Delaware & Hudson while it was under Guilford control until 1988). Official site can be found here: PANAMRAILWAYS.COM.

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  by jaymac
0210-0425/01-24-2023 started off with Yard-Channel hash -- an occasional feature of the trip -- at 0213. There had been no earlier XNG noise, and my transit of the X 7.8 showed the plow heel intact and snow on top of the rails.
There was 0231 Road-side hash, followed in 2 by a broken D-3/AY-3 Channel 2 exchange, followed by a garbled Channel 1 FI-2/D-3 exchange involving Arrowhead.
At 0240, the 333 WLs were dark, Stops for the 334 ELs and darkness for the 1 WB stagger and 335s in sequence. There was 0251 Dispatcher-side hash and 0254 Road-side hash. At 0256, D-3 asked 16R if the recrew was aboard, breaking a bit about CPF AY and giving an OK on signal indication. At 0259 and under the Timpany Boulevard UGB, it sounded like D-3 was acknowledging 426 into DCS.
The 345s were dark. The 1 had been run on, but the 2 was still snow covered. The Extension and 1 had a mix of boxes, a caustic tank, a high-side scrap gon, LPGs, MT centerbeams, and covered hoppers W to the ambulance company. 2 had tanks and covered hoppers W to the Pratt yard. Dunno about 4.
At 0323, the 333 WLs were dark. The EB staggers for 330 were at Approach, but all else dark, up to and including the EB staggers for Derby at 0355.
At 0333, there had been extended Yard-Channel hash, mebbe with D-3 as a participant. The FI-1/2 parking spot had been MT at 0342, covered hoppers on the W end of East Side. Post refueling stop and at 0350, there had been a both-sides-broken D-3/??? exchange and then silence until 0415 when D-3 called out to AY-3 on Channel 1. Figured I had lost what had happened cuz I was entering the West Boylston/Boylston sag, but the call to AY-3 got repeated 0416. And 0418. And 0421. And 0422. I got tired of waiting, so I went inside at 0425, where D-3 already was.
Naught from D-2 came outta the speaker, so dunno about whether the new symbols have been adopted yet.
  by neman2
jaymac, I'm speculating here but the last 2 days I haven't heard anything from D2 on the scanner, I'm wondering if it's storm related. --- D2 , I believe transmitter on Mt Uncanoonuc Goffstown, NH, is usually very strong here . I'm still hearing D3 as usual. We shall see.
  by jaymac
0210-0425/01-25-2023 was active, starting at the start with Yard-Channel hash followed immediately by the X 7.8 announcing he was checking train, curious since I hadn't heard any earlier XNG noise for Burncoat or XZ 6.0 from inside Château-jaymaq. The no defects came at 0212 followed by CSX Train M426 with CSXT 478 acknowledging same. Yard-Channel hash would resume, only "cancel" being clear. Next, D-3 would ask if M426 was ready to copy a Line 2 Addition, which they were, the addition to Form D G302 granting them E on the Single between MP X 24 and MP X 25 since headroom was no longer needed, time effective 0219.
At 0226, D-3 answered 16R, repeated that 1 wheel was on the ground, and asked whether it was left or right side and what track. A roger and stand by would follow. It would seem to this civilian that the Hill Yard was involved and that it was 16R that had earlier gotten their X 25 to X 24 headroom cancelled. At 0230, D-3 got back to 16R and asked if it was the recrew that was onboard, replied with a roger, stating that he was just confirming.
At 0242, just "FI-2" came outta the speaker, followed in 2 by FI-2 calling D-3, but D-3 responding to 16R. By now, I was pretty deep into the Mount Wachusett ZombieZone, so dunno know what mighta next transpired except for D-3 hash to 16R.
At 0246, the 333 WLs were at Stop, naught visible or audible E or W for the next few. Over at 334, the signals were dark, tanks -- probable slurries -- on 1. The 335 1 WL was at Clear, the 7552 dark except for number boards just E of the EL. The guess based on slurries and PAR power that this was a POED would get additional support later on. There was no transportation in the 335 lot.
WB up Da Hill, there was Dispatcher-side hash at 0302, followed at 0308 by D-2 breakingly answering NA-2. Dunno if that gives any support to neman2's of 1633/01-24 about antenna trouble, but it does give support to newpylong's 0810/01-24 in PAN AM'S LAST DAY about symbols not changing. (Wonder if the translation will be by IT or interns.) Also, huge thanks to newpylong for the locations list.
Up Da Hill, the 345s were dark and the yard MT. All tracks had seen activity, and switches --at least the visible ones -- had been dug out. With 16R already E and the yard MT, that suggested an EDPO, more about whom later.
EB and at 0319, there was a broken D-2 241 to NA-2. D-2 asking if they had the 5958.
A detour was made, and the 335 1 WL was still at Clear. the 334s dark, and at 0335, the 333 WLs still all at Stop. Further E, the EB staggers for 330 were at Approach. All other signals were dark, up to and including the EB staggers for Derby at 0357.
At 0348, D-3 reached out to POED to ask how they were coming along, the broken-to-me response including something about breakers and handbrakes, D-3 rogering.
At 0351, KCIR 5966 had been dark and W-facing on the W end of covered hoppers on the W end of East Side. At 0402, there was brief Dispatcher-side hash, followed in 7 by D-3 reaching out to 16R x2, followed in 4 by more Dispatcher-side hash cuzza Mount Wachusett's now-unfavorable relative position.
At 0423, there was D-3 breakage to EDPO -- mebbe Gardner antenna -- about the the 334s being dark. Things were quiet for what little remained of the trip, so no idea about whether 16R might be holding up 426 E of X 25..
  by neman2
I'm hearing D2 loud and clear this morning. At about 8:15 I heard him get M427's train makeup after they made their usual setoff of Ayer cars at Graniteville. He told them they would have to wait at CPF-309 because "things are kind of plugged up at Ayer".
  by jaymac
tnx for the update, Seems more complicated than "1 wheel" if it hadn't been cleared in almost 6 hours.
  by jaymac
0220-0410/01-27-2023 was an unusual trip, the only company receptions being brief hashes, Road-side not until 0324 and 0349 and Dispatcher-side at 0353. Yard-Channel hash? None, although there had been plenty of other non-company receptions to prove functionality. There wasn't even any XNG noise heard insideChateau-jaymaq before or after the trip up to posting time. Pointing out the strangeness of the day, keeping the "a" key depressed would normally produce the option of diacritic marks, but today, it only produced "aaaaaaaaaaaa," so circonflexe fans will be disappointed.
At 0252, the 333 WLs were dark, as would be the 334s and 335s. Dunno whether the 01-25 problems with the 334s continue or whether the 334 ELs have been changed to approach-lit.
Up Da Hill, the 345s were at Stop, dark KCIR 7517, NewBlue 7552, and KCIR 7835 having done just that on the 2 just W of the Jade lot, mixed general extending however far W of the Timpany Boulevard UGB. Didn't see any slurries, but the power suggested an EDPO. There was a coil car and other general visible on 2 in the yard through the gaps. Dunno about anything on 1 or 4.
The 333 WLs were dark at 0327 and, in a few, the EB staggers for 330 at Approach. All other signals were dark up to and including the EB staggers for Derby at 0345. The W end of East Side and the FI-1/2 parking spot were as MT as the airwaves, so dunno if the power mighta been picked up for rotation.
  by jaymac
0225-0420/01-30-2023 was literally and figuratively on the quiet side, there having been no XNG noise for the X 7.8 environs after 0100. At 0233, D-3 reached out to FI-2, seeking clarification about a runaround between camp and Derby, the FI-2 side not getting to me. FI-2 would be the dominant cause of receptions.
0251 and a few more would produce brief Road-side hashes, possibly FI-2. At 0256, the 333 WLs were dark, and 3 later, there was brief D-3 garble. The 334s and 335s would be dark, as would be the 345s, Gardner yard MT.
EB and at 0318, Boston East was kind enough to prove the scanner was still working by producing some hash.
At 0325, the 333 WLs were dark. The EB staggers for 330 were at Approach and the 330s and GL WLs dark. 0333 was start of hashed/garbled FI-2 car countdowns on Channel 1, and in another few the FG WLs were at Stop, FI-2 informing D-3 at 0336 that they were going to West Side with their MTs and D-3 acknowledging. KCIR 5956 would be seen hauling W just E of the WLs in preparation for their shove E, and at 0340, the FI-1/2 parking spot was predictably MT. The W end of East Side was also MT, but covered hoppers were visible further E at the transload.
Post refueling stop -- $3.25 nonmember regular at Cleghorn and (in a $0.16 jump since 01-27) $3.39 at Main Street -- FI-2 went to 3-step mode at 0347 and next into hash mode.
At 0350, the EB staggers for Derby were dark, and things were quiet until 0403 and D-2 garble about LA-3, POED, and the yard. 6 later produced brief Dispatcher side hash, the next 14 quiet.
To follow up on the opening sentence, there also were no XNG noises between return and posting time, so got naught to contribute about 426/7.
  by neman2
I don't know if there's a change in time with M427/426 but M427 got a Form D MPX 25 to Burncoat at about 16:50 today, followed by M426 giving a train report with CSX 473 for 21X44, 4195 feet to D2 or 3?, with an ok to proceed on signal indication at 17:03.
  by NHV 669
M427 was approaching New Bond St. around 18:30 according to a local observer to one of the FB pages.
  by neman2
Today at 15:27 M427 was getting a Rule 241 to pass stop signal at NC (Chelmsford). This is a return to the more normal time for this train. Probably making a pickup. I believe the odd times and short trains of the past couple days were just some anomalies.
  by jaymac
0225-0415/02-01-2023 started off quiet, 0234 producing 1st P&W Yard and then CSXT hash. The same minute also produced D-3 answering M426, naught further coming outta the speaker to, from, or about 426 or 427. Wherever 426 had been, they weren't even in hash range, and there had been no post-0100 XNG noise in the vicinity of X 7.8.
Things were quiet until 0245 and ????'s hash, followed in 2 by Boston East hash, and that followed in 1 by D-3 hash.
At 0252, the 333 WLs were dark, as would be the 334s and 335s. At 0303, favorable elevation and topography produced "3-step, FI-2," more about whom later.
Up Da Hill, the 345s were dark, and 4 in the yard was pretty much FP-FP with general that included boxes, a CML -- Central Michigan Lumber? -- centerbeam load, a table with CleanHarbors-branded containers, covered hoppers and unplacarded and LPG tanks. 16R would be IDed later as being E, so probably no EDPO today.
EB and at 0318, there was Dispatcher-side hash that may also have included some public-safety encroachments. 0325 produced more San-Vel hash, followed in 1 by Yard-Channel hash.
At 0328, the 333 WLs were dark. The EB staggers for 330 would be at Approach, all else dark, up to and including the EB staggers for Derby at 0346.
At 0341, the FI-1/2 parking spot and the W end of East had been MT, and at 0343, there was a garbled D-3/FI-2 exchange, D-3 saying something about a runaround, FI-2 saying something about Keolis, and D-3 next advising that AY-3 was at the Milling and 16R at San-Vel, so Fi-2 couldn't go up that way. Whatever next got said, D-3 gave a roger and all correct. 0347 and 0354 would produce Yard-Channel hash. At 0356, Boston West gave the listening audience evidence that she was on the job, and 0411 would produce some extended Dispatcher-side hash, mebbe D-2 or mebbe somebody on the ground.
0415 would be when D-3 would give FI-2 with the 5956 permission to reverse direction from where they stood and proceed W on the 2 to CPF AY, making it seem like Arrowhead was being left and that FI-2 wouldn't be causing any delay for the 400.
  by jaymac
0215-0410/02-02-2023 produced some puzzlements. There were the usual hash-spurts from AMTK, Dispatcher-side, P&W Yard, and Dispatcher-side again at 0218. 4 later, D-3 even wished somebody a good night. At 0234, however, D-3 advised those who would variously sound like either P-or-VH-1 that they would need a 241 when they got stopped at 312. After a few spurts of Yard-Channel hash and now in an unfavorable relative position with Mount Wachusett at 0244 came a broken 241 to the 5966 for presumably the Single to the 2 at CPF 312. There would be additional breakage involving the Camp and West Main Street and -- at 0246 -- "haul down to Moores," making it seem initially that mebbe FI-2 mighta gotten rebranded. Either that or a crew designation. Given later receptions, mebbe even AY-3, but with a 4-axle unless it was the leader?
At 0250, the 333 WLs were dark, as would be the 334s and 335s.
At 0258, D-3 answered P-or-VH-1 and gave a broken permission to reverse direction and proceed W to CPF-WL.
Up Da Hill, the 345 ELs were at Stop, DS trash on the 2 at the Timpany Boulevard UGB and however far W. The 2 WL was at Medium Clear, and a C was in the process of doing a walking and winding on covered hoppers and tanks on 4 that extended from a bit W of the E FP to almost the W FP. Apologies to whoever was in the black SUV in the Jade lot for not exchanging greetings, but I headed over to Planet Fitness as the C and E of 16R were exchanging transmissions. NS 6952, UP 8958, and NS 4170 -- all familiar numbers -- were holding for the pull ahead and shove back. There were more CleanHarbors containers among what would be set off. I got EB, and at 0318, 16R's C gave the E the OK to back.
At 0325, the 333 WLs were dark. The EB staggers for 330 mighta been at Approach, but all else dark, up to and including the EB staggers for Derby at 0344.
There had been and would continue to be hash spurts on Yard Channel, but there were also spurts on Channel 6, the Rigby Yard Channel that gets used for San-Vel operations, puzzling since 16R was still 30+ miles to the W. Mebbe an 11R. Dunno, Naught was clear except for a mention of "signal bridge" at 0355.
At 0338, both the FI-1/2 parking spot and the W end of East Side had been MT. At 0339, a breaking D-2 would answer somebody -- dunno whether old symbol or CSXT -- with the 509 and cancel Form D G215 at 0339, the Form D still being old school. There would be further broken discussions about being clear of the Single, so guessing Nashua was involved. At 0344, D-3 had again contacted P-or-VH-1 with a request for the number of WB cars on the Camp.
After 0355, things were quiet until D-3 reached out to AY-3 (so mebbe P-or-VH-1 was doing FI=2's work), who produced hash for me, but was clear enough to D-3 to get a correct and D-3 out.
Give it up for the folks on the ground over the next day+.
  by neman2
FYI--At 10:08 D3 gave M426 form DG 321 to CSXT 407 Burncoat to MP X25.
  by jaymac
No D-3 Form Ds came outta the speaker 0215-0410, so things musta gotten awful busy.
  by jaymac
0210-0405/02-06-2023 followed the recent quiet pattern, a few spurts of Dispatcher-side hash at 0210, 0214, and 0227.
The first clarity came at 0230 when AY-3 called D-3, advising they'd just completed their transfer test and that they'd like to go E from OX with 0x4. If that seems like AY-3 might be subbing for FI-2, more about each will follow.
Quiet resumed, and the 333 WLs were dark at 0243. 1 later, there was Dispatcher-side hash, followed by darkness at the 334s, followed by a bit more Dispatcher-side hash, that being followed by darkness at the 335s.
The rest of the trip WB was quiet, the 345s dark and the yard MT.
EB at 0308, there was CSXT hash, and 4 later, the 333 WLs were dark. The EB staggers for 330 were at Approach, all else dark, up to and including the EB staggers for Derby at 0334.
At 0323, probably D-2 had answered NA-2 and next went into garble mode. At 0325, KCIR 5956 had been dark, solo, and E-facing in the FI-1/2 parking spot and the W end of East Side MT. At 0330, D-2 had answered *garbled* and then gave a roger.
There was 0345 Dispatcher-side hash, followed in 3 by D-3 answering AY-3, that followed by D-3 asking AY-3 if they were calling. However, things were quiet until Boston West with something about Crawford at 0355, the final 10 providing 0 audio input.
No audio input in the form of X 7.8 XNG noise either 0100- 0210 or 0405-0440 for 426/7.
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