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  • Guilford Rail System changed its name to Pan Am Railways in 2006. Discussion relating to the current operations of the Boston & Maine, the Maine Central, and the Springfield Terminal railroads (as well as the Delaware & Hudson while it was under Guilford control until 1988). Official site can be found here: PANAMRAILWAYS.COM.
Guilford Rail System changed its name to Pan Am Railways in 2006. Discussion relating to the current operations of the Boston & Maine, the Maine Central, and the Springfield Terminal railroads (as well as the Delaware & Hudson while it was under Guilford control until 1988). Official site can be found here: PANAMRAILWAYS.COM.

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  by jaymac
0215-0410/08-01-2022 started off with 0216 PW Road hash, and 0223 presented flashing lights and dropping gates for the X7.8 XNG, CSXT 470, 476, and 471 tripping the talker mere seconds later. 70+ cars -- a mix of unplacarded, LPG, and corrosive tanks, 1 each tented sheetrock, wrapped, and MT centerbeams, a CSXT box and a few CSXT gons, and a plurality of mixed Brand X high-side C&D gons -- later and at 0228, the gates went up and the talker gave a no defects. To save suspense, naught further would be heard to, from, or about 426 or 427 or AY-3, for that matter.
At 0231, Boston East served up some hash, and 4 later, D-3 answered FI-2, rogered whatever they next said, and OKd them on signal indication. Next, D-3 asked about the trash-car total, rogered, and then asked more that got eaten by Mount Wachusett. 13, later, there would be more -- but broken and brief -- D-3/FI-2 activity.
At 0253, the 333 WLs were dark and -- in the usual sequence and at the usual intervals-- the 334 ELs at Stop and the 1 WB stagger and 335s dark.
Up Da Hill, the 345s were dark, The Extension and 1 had 1 carrier E with either rail or structural steel., covered hoppers, an Interfor-wrapped centerbeam, a coil car, and whatever else up to the E end of the Pratt yard. 4 had a mix of general from just W of the E FP, and 2 mighta had stuff, also. 0309 was when D-3 again answered and rogered FI-2. Yes, the ties were still summering between the House and MART fence.
The EB trip was quiet, the 333 WLs dark at 0323, the EB staggers for 330 at Approach, and all else from the 330.8 WBs up to and including the FG WLs dark.
At 0336, the W end of East Side was MT, as was the FI-1/3 parking spot, the 0338 D-3/FI-2 Yard-Channel garblepalooza that allowed "WL" into clarity by way of explanation. The EB staggers for Derby were dark at 0342, 2 covered hoppers still on the W end of the RVJ stub.
Naught else would come outta the speaker for the balance of the trip except for NECR hash at 0353 and CSXT hash at 0409.
  by jaymac
0220-0435/08-03-2022 was noteworthy, as will be seen. Things started off at 0225 when D-3 advised AY-3 he'd need them to be in the clear at the Willows cuz there was an engine that would be doing a runaround. There was more, but garbled. 2 later, D-3 advised the MBTA Extra they'd be waiting cuz he had a coupla Foremen with Form Ds and that the office knew about it, next asking for the crew and time on duty, the last items rogered without repetition.
At 0233, D-3 answered AY-3, acknowledging with thanks that the #1 Main Line switch was lined and locked normal. 4 later, the P&W St. Albans Dispatcher served some hash.
At 0240, M426 called out to D-3, repeating 1 later. When D-3 answered, they advised that they were on board and into DCS territory. D-3 acknowledged that CSXT 464 was into DCS. I was now outta range of the M426, but they evidently said something, so D0-3 answered them again, changed the power # to 484, and advised that "our" crew was on the way, asking when they were good to, repeating 0625, and hinting that X6.0 would be the recrew point. There will be more about 426 and also a sequel 426.
Things would go into quiet mode, and at 0258, the 333 WLs were at Stop. dark NSs 6953, 4402, and 4351 having done that on the #1. There were trashes just W and racks over by the all-Stops 334s, so guessing a 16R. The 335 ELs and WLs were also at Stops, and the marker was close to the State Road.Rte. 2A UGB.
D-3 had called out to TC T822 at 0304, Mount Wachusett complicating any further possible receptions. A bit further WB, the was 0314 CSXT garble, followed in 1 by another and compromised D-3 reach-out to TC T822.
Up Da Hill, the 345s were dark. From the Extension W on 1, there were LPGs, 1 MT NS centerbeam, and more LPGs to mebbe the E end of the Pratt yard, There looked like a few covered hoppers on the 2, and the ties hadn't gone anywhere.
At 0321, breaking D-3 answered TC T822, cancelling Form D 6301 at 0322. 2 later, a now-clear -- a 100' change of position makes more than a little difference -- asked the MBTA Extra if they'd be going to the passenger facility or the layover facility, the unrepeated response getting rogered.
EB at 0333, TC T1030 asked D-3 something about FG, Mount Wachusett blocking any response.
Another diversion was made to 335, where the 2 EL showed a Restricting at 0336. In a couple, the 334 2 EL was at Approach, and at 0340, the 333 WLs were at Stop, foliage blocking any view of the 333 ELs, but the route seemed in for the layover.
At 0344, there was a faint, but clear, "Slow Approach," and further E, the EB staggers for 330 showed an Approach for 1 and Stop for 2.
The 330.8 WBs showed Clears, and just a bit E, there was WB power noise, guessing the Extra.The 330 ELs and WLs were at Stop, but would go dark at 0353. At 0351, TC T1030 called out to a ZombieZoned D-3 and asked about track lights, next reading back the 0352 cancellation of Form D G302.
The GL WLs had been dark, as would be the FG WLs, and at 0358, the FI-1/2 parking spot and W end of East Side were MT. At 0402, there was some Road-side hash, and 0404, the RVJ yard was active, so there was no viw of the EB staggers for Derby, but 2 covered hoppers were still on the W end of the stub.
There was 0408 D-3 garble that allowed "241" and "312 W to the #2" to the 6952 into clarity. Mebbe 11R and mebbe the runaround mentioned earlier to AY-3.
There was 0413 NECR hash, but at 0419, things got unusual: D-3 answered M426, and then said, "Let me get a hold of the other M426." D-3 next asked CSXT 484 what they wanted to call clear of? MP X17, correct? Next came time-effective 0423 Form D G304 to CSXT 464 for Burncoat to MP X17.
The radio was silent for the balance of the trip, and although there were subsequent XNG noises at 0505, 0546, and 0550, the intervals and varied intensities were puzzling, but not as puzzling as 1 426 on the wheels of another 426.
427? Heard naught.
  by jaymac
0220-0410/08-05-2022 had as its prequel XNG noise on the far side of the reservoirs, probably not 426, as will be seen.
At 0221, D-3 answered FI-2, rogered whatever they said, advising that he couldn't get the E crossover at AY to normal, so they'd have to take it off power and get a 241.
My XNG of the X7.8 XNG presented a CSX Deere 120C hyrail excavator sitting in the SW quadrant. whatever tool might be on the arm buried in the weeds.
15 went by and D-3 answered the somebody calling, and after whatever they said, he next asked FI-2 if they'd taken the switch off power yet, rogered the response, and told them to hold on until he got AY-3 out of the yard. AY-3 was next OKd on signal indication. 0244 was when D-3 told FI-2 that things were back in correspondence after AY-3 went through, so they wouldn't have to take the switch off power. Naught further intelligible to, from, or, about AY-3 or FI-2 would get to me.
At 0252, the 333 WLs were dark and -- in the regular sequence and intervals -- the 334 ELs at Stop and the 1 WB stagger and 335s dark.
Right around Aubuchon's and at 0303, D-2 garbled something to BODO, and all the way up Da Hill, the 345s were dark.
The yard was a déjà vu of 08-03. It is possible that another string of LPGs, 1 MT centerbeam, and more LPGs coulda come in since then, but the same tag on a tank in the same position did make that seem improbable. The Sameolesameole Ledger entries persisted in being the tie stack between the House and the MART fence and -- at 0337 -- 2 covered hoppers on the W end of the RVJ stub.
At 0319, the 333 WLs were dark and radio silence got broken by hash on the frequency used for San-Vel operations. There would be more but naught clear. Guessing an 11R since Gardner didn't have any additions.
Further E, the EB staggers for 330 were at Approach, all else up to and including the EB staggers for Derby at 0337 dark. At 0332, the FI-1/2 parking spot and the W end of East Side had been MT.
At 0346, a convo on Yard Channel started with someone saying he'd call D-3 and ask what to do. At 0347, AY-Relief answered D-3 and got into a broken-to-me discussion about independent brakes and switches and push-pull. The 3010 was 1 engine, not sure the 2nd. D-3 said he'd give him the number for CSX Power to call them. The E responded that he didn't have a cell phone and ??? was a mile away. D-3 then said that the C should give him a call. The both-sides-now-only-sometimes-breaking convo would continue, the E giving a fuller description as AY-Relief Rail Train. As best as I can reconstruct it, the E said he would shut down the engines and then restart to hopefully reboot the computers, 0401 being when the E advised D-3 that they were all set.
Yard Channel and San-Vel hash would continue. Dunno where the AY-Relief Rail Train was -- mebbe Clinton? -- or whether they'd been the source of the 0218 noise.
  by jaymac
0215-0425/08-08-2022 was light on input, the 1st being NECR Road-side hash at 0225.
At 0230, D-3 answered M426, rogered whatever they said, and told them to go ahead. There had been 0147 XNG noise, so guessing for either New Bond or Burncoat. 426 was hash, but it sounded like a combo of train info and power lineup, D-3 asking how many were on line, suggesting an above-normal power count and possible new KittyCats. Whatever next got said also got rogered, D-3 adding "Key Train," a distinction without an MAS difference for the current Worcester Main Line, and yes, the CSXT Deere excavator had still been by the X7.8 XNG.
Radio silence would resume until 0247 with some hash on the channel for San-Vel ops, possibly 16R given the occupants of Gardner yard later.. 0247 was also when the 333 WLs were dark. Radio silence would resume after 0250 and some Dispatcher-side hash.
Stops for the 334 ELs and darkness for the the 1 WB stagger and 335s meant that the tied-down LOED mentioned in atholrail's CSX TO ACQUIRE PAN AM RAILWAYS post of 1914/08-07 had gotten WB.
Up Da Hill, serial public safety encroachments overrode any possible company receptions starting at 0301. The 335 ELs were at Stop and the 2 WL at Medium Clear, a WB marker on 1 by the ambulance company. 4 in the yard had a mix of unplacarded tanks. covered hoppers and loaded rail or structural steel carriers, the Extension with 1 each full-size and shortie covered hoppers. A trip W showed slurries at the Wilkins Road dogleg and totally dark -- even the boards -- power a bit E of CPF 346, the WL at Slow Clear at 0317. The slurries suggested a POED, but dunno if it was the same one mentioned in the aforementioned atholrail post.
EB, there was a broken D-2 shoutout to LA-2 with the 518, deets lost, and radio silence resuming after more brief hash on the San-Vel channel, the same time the 333 WLs were dark.
As a hedzup, there's EB roadwork on Rte. 2 between the the 2 Rte. 140 ramps 1900--0500.
Further E, the EB staggers for 330 were at Approach and all else up to and including the EB staggers for Derby -- at 0356 -- dark.
At 0350, the FI-1/2 parking spot an W end of East Side MT, 2 covered hoppers still on the W end of the RVJ stub in another few.
There would Dispatcher-side hash at 0406 and 0412, but naught else until the end of 0425's end of listening, FI-2? AY-3? Naught heard to, from, or about either.
  by jwhite07
According to the log for the B&M Live rail cams at Chester and Westfield, M426 had seven units on yesterday 08/07 (log note suggests two were offline). M426 from this morning 08/08 that was logged by Chester at 0021 and Westfield at 0131 had a more typical three units. I don't know how long an M426 typically takes getting through whatever work in Worcester needs done or what power changes are made there, or if either one of these versions of M426 was the same one you heard the dispatcher talking to at 0230 08/08, but between yesterday's 7 units and the overheard convo from the dispatcher this morning could suggest a connection.
  by jaymac
0215-0420/08-10-2022 started off at 0216 with brief and unrepeated D-2 garble to NA-2, that being followed immediately by brief Yard-Channel hash. 0222 provided Road-Side hash, followed by extended D-3 hash in a normally clear area.
My own XNG of the X7.8 XNG had shown that the CSX excavator was elsewhere, and at 0231, D-3 breakingly answered AY-3, asked if their 1st stop was *hashed*, and rogered their response, adding more breakage about East Wye.
The 0234 hash sounded like it was from the X7.8 talker, followed by more of the same at 0241. I had heard neither power or XNG noise before I left, so guessing mebbe another X6.0 recrew and the mebbe source of the 0222 exchange. Naught to, from, or about 426, 427, or even another Rail Train would come outta the speaker. Wish something had, johnwhite07.
At 0248, the 333 WLs were dark, and 2 later, a garbling D-3 called out to somebody, Road-side hash, but naught further, to follow. The 334 ELs were at Stop and the the 1 WB stagger and 335s dark.
Up Da Hill, the 345 ELs and WLs were all at Stop. 4 in the yard had unplacarded tanks and covered hoppers, the E end of 2 had covered hoppers and NS boxes, and the earlier occupants of the Extension had moved on, but not the ties between the House and MART fence. There were cars on the #1 as on 08-08, but no marker. Given later sightings, guessing the marker had gotten reassigned.
The remembrance of things past got reinforced by seeing slurries at the Wilkins Road dogleg and clinched by the totally darkended power just E of the 346 WL, showing a Stop at 0316.
The EB trip was quiet until 0324 and more D-3 breakage, this to 16R and asking if they did have the 34??, the response rogered. Roadwork was still ongoing on Rte. 2 EB between the 2 Rte. 140 exits.
At 0331, the 333 WLs were dark, and further E, the EB staggers for 330 at Approach. The 330.8 WBs and GL WLs mighta been dark, but the 330 WLs and ELs were at Stop, as were the FG WLs, a string of powerless and markerless trashes on the #1 from just W of the Credit Union to however far W. Overflow or staged for a WB or EB pickup? Dunno.
At 0347, NewBlue 5930 was sitting dark, solo, and W-facing in the FI-1/2 parking spot, at least 1 covered hopper on the W end of East Side. 4 later, there was brief CSX hash, and 2 after that, the EB staggers for Derby were dark, 2 covered hoppers still on the W end of the RVJ stub.
0401 was the start of a sometimes-broken D-3 side of a convo with AY-3. How were they doing? Then something about a signal and an XNG. Still at CP ??? D-3'd put the signal back in.
Until the 0420 end of listening there would be only spurts of hash, all too brief to even see the source.

CSX, we all know you're spending money, but hopefully there's a budget line for comms betterment.
  by jaymac
0215-0430/08-12-2022 was active, starting at the start with D-? garble, D-? and not a C or U cuzza the"Roger that" repetitions.
At 0221, the X7.8 talker came on, still announcing itself as "B&M Detector." The audio got visual when I rolled up to the gates a minute later and watched the stately progression of boxes, LPG cuts, 3 bulkheads of heavy structural steel, and covered hoppers all getting a 0226 no defects. Hadn't heard earlier XNG noise, but noise for X6.0 -- recrew point? -- coulda been masked by the garage door opener. Except for a spurt of Dispatcher-side hash, radio silence would go into effect.
At 0251, the 333 WLs were all at Stop. Not only that, but the E was also bright and loud as NSs 6958 and 1844 plus UP 8924 got 23 K's 102 all-occupied table and well positions W of the 333 WLs at 0254. On the #2, no less. Over at 334, all was red, except for the general sitting on the #1, Red was again the color of the day as dark KCIR 7594 and unIDable trailers sat just E of the 335 WL. 11R? POED? Somebody else? Dunno.
Up Da Hill, the 345 1 WL showed a Clear. The yard was MT, and at 0323, 16R reached out to D-3 who advised that they had 23K coming at them, indicating that they were by 354. 16R wanted to know where their cars would be going. The Fitchburgs would go to OX, the trashes to the Camp, and the freight to the yard, track TBD. Mebbe there'd been earlier instructions, but Gardner went unmentioned. 0330 started a spell of public safety encroachments. It wasn't until 0341 that 23K got the marker W of the Jade lot. 47 minutes for 12+/- miles between CPFs 333 and 345 must mean significant speedo/s between 335 and 345. The 346 talker came on at 0343 and gave at 0347 no defects, total axle count of 299, 60º, and 3226'. The temp was close to my car's readout, but the length seemed significantly off. On the subject of "off," the 345s stayed on for the 5+ minutes before I was EB, long enough for burn-down. Mebbe there was relay trouble or mebbe something short sat on the 2 W of the Timpany Boulevard UGB. Didn't check.
The Sameolesameole Ledger still had the ties between the House and the MART fence. Dunno about the RVJ covered hoppers or any of the other regulars for that matter. My time had elapsed already, so I took a straight shot home. As a hedzup, the nighttime Rte. 2 EB roadwork has expanded E towards Rte. 31. Lanes and shoulders have been cold-planed, so paving will follow.
EB at 0354, there was D-3 garble about 354 and a 241, dunno whether for 16R and/or 23K.
Only sparse garble would follow until 0430 when AY-3 called out to D-3, The 7524 had 22 loads for *garbled," D-3 advised that 400 was in the picture. Did they want a 0630 cab at the Pine Tree? No, today they were good until 0900.
Busy coupla+ hours.
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