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  by braves
I heard recently that building a new passgeway between the R/W trains at Cortlandt St to the E train at the World Trade Center has been scrapped & instead a modified transfer pathway in the new PATH station would be it's replacement.

Does this new modified transfer pathway still provide a free transfer between the two lines & how will it be built in the new PATH station.
  by NJTRailfan
I know the station was largely destroyed from 9-11 but was it nessesary to tear down the whole thing or did they leave anything that was stable like platforms, areas of the concourse and exits/enterances or thinking that they'd get a new station the MTA or contractors for the MTA tore the whole thing down. When will the new Courtland St Station be open for business?

Also how did you felt about it? Did you think they should've torn the whole thing down or saved areas of the station left stable and merged it with the new hub. Did any of you like the old station at all?

  by F40
The platforms are still there, but they constructed a platform-length, floor to ceiling wall (but not a concrete one) close to the edge of the platform. The wall has vertical columns, and looks a little hideous (maybe because of lack of light). There are a few openings on the wall big enough for workers to access the track and the platform area. If anyone has recent photos of what's "inside" the wall and the concourses, etc. that would be greatly appreciated.

  by 4 Express
They are actually planning on closing it down again to form the Fulton Transit Center.

  by NJTRailfan
What about the concourse and the stairs leading from street level to the concourse and then again from the concourse to the platforms? Are they still in place or are they gone?
  by Kurt
Courtlandt Street on the 1 was completely replaced, there was not much left after the Towers collapsed onto it. What was left on the 1 line was only about 30-50 feet of the north end of the station, and that had to be removed as WTC 6 was removed. The station that is there now is just a shell. Cortlandt St on the N will be closing soon to allow work on the Fulton St tansportation Center. the majority of that station survived the collapse of The Towers. The stairs to the Street level on the downtown (Brooklyn) side are new.
  by fishmech
Article: http://lowermanhattan.info/news/cortlan ... 21173.aspx
On Wednesday, November 25th -- more than a month ahead of schedule -- the Metropolitan Transportation Authority will reopen the northbound platform of the Cortlandt Street R/W subway station at 3 p.m. The station was closed in summer 2005 while crews excavated for and built the structure of the Dey Street pedestrian concourse, which will link the Fulton Transit Center to the World Trade Center (WTC). ...
Southbound platform expected to open in 2011.

I plan to be there for the opening, anyone else?
  by fishmech
Here we go:
Ribbon cutting:
Views across from the stairs going down:
The closed southbound and open northbound sides:
A gaggle of news reporters and government officials chatting it up in car 9050 on the first northbound W train through the station (which actually came around at 2:30 pm instead of the 3 PM all the mta signs had said:
  by Jeff Smith
An update on this project from the MTA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_CGuQp9Bmo

The station looks quite ornate! 2014 is the projected completion.

More links:


  by Jeff Smith
More pictures: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set ... 090&type=1
The Fulton Street Transit Center is on track for its scheduled June 2014 completion. Construction at the Transit Center building continues to progress well. Installation of the parasols, which will be used to direct sunlight down to the lowest levels of the Transit Center have been completed.
  by lirr42
The MTA uploaded a video onto it's YouTube channel yesterday detailing the some of the recent happenings at the Fulton Street Transit Center. It talks about the new Dey Street entrance and some of the station's features inside.

You can view the video here: Fulton Center - 10/26/2012 Update