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A general discussion about shortlines, industrials, and military railroads

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  by humpyard
Hello everyone,

I can offer you an interesting historical information on military railroads: during the First World War the British and American armies had built several new massive military installations with hump yards (!) in France for organizing the transports from the Atlantic ports to the front against Germany in Eastern France.

In my international YAHOO group about the world's existing and closed hump yards I have included them into the database, please see the
message (due to the geographic location of the subject it's of course in French, but with a short related notice in English in its bottom).

The message contains in its French text the names of these yards who have at all completely disappeared, and the direct link to the database with further information on each yard - due to technical reasons the database is only disponible for group members, and because YAHOO's settings I can't make it disponible to the public. The membership in the group is free of costs, thus I invite all interested railfans to join it for getting the complete informations on these military hump yards. As I live in Germany, you can only join the group using the German YAHOO version - if you have any difficulties, you can at first test it with any English language rail-related Yahoo group to be found in this index or ask me for help.

The database itself is quadrilingual including English, for the abbreviations please see the folder "I. GENERALIA" and for the yards themselves the folder "III - FRANCE" where originally all yards are sorted geographically. In column 5 of this folder these yards are indicated as "GR" what means "Gare régulatrice" ("regulating yard", i. e. military classification yard). You can geographically locate them approximately when viewing the neighboured major hump yards. You can get the complete listing when clicking "Druckbarer Bericht". It is also possible to click on the column's top "5. Situation..." to sort them in a matter that shows all "gares régulatrices" together and then to click again "Druckbarer Bericht" for viewing it.

Perhaps anyone of the members of this forum with international interest on military railroads can add missing informations? I am also interested to know whether in the USA or anywhere else then in France there have ever been military hump yards - if anyone knows about, please tell it me, thank you in advance.

I hope to have given herewith an interesting information to all railfans interested in military railroad operations.


Michael, Münster (Westf.), North Germany.