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General discussion of computer gaming and railroad simulations. Topics include MS Train Simulator (MSTS), Auran Trainz, Railroad Tycoon, Railroad Dispatcher and more...

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  by ravitsec
Some of you may have heard of Freight Yard Manager (or FYM), a freeware yard simulation game. FYM simulates many yards in the North American network (Currently Canada and the USA including Alaska, with the ability to expand) which are run by players.

Each player takes certain yards and runs trains through them, working with neighbouring Yard Masters (YMs) to move trains through the network. The game is intended as multiplayer, but it can equally be played offline (but where's the fun in that? )

Currently, we're rather eager to get as many new players as we can. The game community is very welcoming, and an integrated chat allows you to ask any questions or discuss anything you'd like with other players - all of whom are just as mad about trains as you are!

So why not come along and give FYM a try? There is absolutely no money attached to FYM, other than a huge phone bill once you get addicted (we accept no liability for addiction).

And anyone is welcome! We have players from the US, Canada, the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and some places I can't even remember

The game's website is at http://www.freightyardmanager.net/ and more info can be seen at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FYM


  by Plokky
oh yes, definitely worth a try. The concept is pretty neat actually and I liked the community in the messenger as they were very supportive to beginners!

I am a seasoned railroader and just looked around for something like that. Though very North American focussed but easy to grip for Europeans.

The installation and setup might need a little bit of improvement.

give it a go and take a bucket of time to get the hang of it!


  by cifn2
has taken over alot of my time lol
  by ravitsec
The game's website has changed. All info can now be found at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Freightyardmanager

The game has evolved quite a bit since last posts. Here is a short list of game features:
  • Player to player running of trains throughout the network of more than 1000 maps (all over USA and Canada).
  • All trains in the game run by official train symbols now (extensive symbol databases available for each railroad).
  • Trains consist of engines and cars, all configurable with authentic reporting marks, train loads and destinations per car.
  • Hump yards which can be completely configured to sort trains like in real life.
  • Extensive color filtering available which makes manual sorting easier.
  • In game chat.
  • Connection maps for all states and provinces in USA and Canada showing all connections in the network between the available maps. Also yard facilities are shown on these maps.
  • A monitoring system which can track trains and cars throughout the system and shows detailed statistics on work done in your yard, amount of loaded/unloaded cars in your yard and so on.
  • Hotbox detector which can be setup for your maps, so that you can be notified of any problems with the trains you run into your yards.
  by bostonrailfan
I understand this post is very old, but i was wondering if anyone could help me download it. I cant seem to get it to run or download onto my computer. Anyone know how or where else i could get it?
  by bostonrailfan
i have been to the site and even downloaded everything that is on the site, but it is not running it keeps coming back as an error and also asking for some password on one of the downloads
  by bostonrailfan
Never mind I got it to work
  by cifn2
bostonrailfan wrote:Never mind I got it to work

Good to hear, its a very good game, at least most think so, there are many yards available, and yards come open weekly. If you need any help there are plenty to help by email and chat.
  by bostonrailfan
it is running slow but i got it to work thank you