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  • Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.
Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by ExCon90
There has been some discussion here and there about needing gauntlet tracks for freight trains to avoid high platforms. A friend of mine asked me how freight moved through Mineola when it was double track. I don't know, and I'm wondering whether FRA regulations have been tightened since that time to require a narrower gap between car and platform edge on new stations and rehabs. Any information would be welcome.
EC90: Mineola was not a platform trouble spot for LIRR (now NYA) freight trains in the past...

What could be considered possible trouble spots is where high level platforms are on BOTH sides of a freight train:
The #2 tracks at Babylon and Hicksville are prime examples - I even remember witnessing a box car scraping the
edge of Platform A west through Hicksville on Track 2 once back during the 1980s...As far as I know freight trains
are routed to avoid using tracks with high platforms on both sides when possible...

Ronkonkoma Station today has high level platforms on both sides of both tracks - a prime consideration is freight
car width of trains that travel through the station - which should have when expanded had a third track added...
The original center platform had two side platforms built during the 1990s as Ronkonkoma became one of the
highest-ridership stations on all of the LIRR since the January 18, 1988 electrification completion full service...

  by JBKingEsq
Most stations were OK except Hicksville and Babylon, as you stated. Floral Park on ML 1 was always bad, along with the west end of Baldwin on Montauk 2.