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  • Discussion related to NYAR operations on Long Island. Official web site can be found here: www.anacostia.com/nyar/nyar.html. Also includes discussion related to NYNJ Rail, the carfloat operation successor to New York Cross Harbor that connects with NYAR.
Discussion related to NYAR operations on Long Island. Official web site can be found here: www.anacostia.com/nyar/nyar.html. Also includes discussion related to NYNJ Rail, the carfloat operation successor to New York Cross Harbor that connects with NYAR.
  by DogBert
I just noticed on the csx run out of town that there were some cars I hadn't seen in there before - mostly burlington northern cars in their old green paint, which looked to be grouped in with the trash cars. What customer is using these? Do the trash haulers all own their own cars?
  by freightguy
The cars you saw are former woodchip cars off the BN. They are labeled for SRAX and are part of Waste Managements C&D fleet. They have a few types of cars. A lot of these cars are old coal cars and rotary dump cars. SAB trucking down in Maspeth uses those single containers on flat cars. The C&D, waste hasn't really gotten of the ground yet, no pun intended. Two new waste costumers are in the process of building sidings and facilities out on LI. One is in Pineaire at Brentwood, the latter is in Lindenhurst. They should work out to be fairly large costumers also with their own fleet of cars. I believe CSX and NYAR are in the process of negeotiating two trains coming down to Fresh Pond. One will haul all the trash cars and the other general freight. I suspect this might happen soon, but time will tell!

  by DogBert
thanks, i was wondering what those srax cars were.

Do the two C&Ds in the bush use the same cars (those KRLs and the others, forget the reporting marks offhand)? or are they even seperate customers (it's WM and BFI, right? does WM own the other or vise versa?)

SABs containers are easy to sort out from the rest, almost always between 1-4 cars of 4 containers every day.

sounds like 2 seperate csx runs will probably help out the yard capacity situation a bit. at least if they make a block for the bush they can drag those cars straight out.

in any case - have they actually begun building those 2 spots on LI? I remember reading that they might be coming, but nothing etched in stone. are tehy owned by coastal or is coastal planning to expand seperate of these?

  by tushykushy
I actually saw the site in Lindenhurst when I took a ride to SK. They have junk coming out of the hanger like a mofo. The facility doesn't look anywhere as clean as Coastal, but it looks pretty big.

  by Knife-Switch

Waste Mgt in conjunction with regus rail uses the following cars:

Currently they do all the C&D off the Bush and are again on the increase 15-20 Cars/ day. You will usually see about two cuts of them on the outbounds due to the lack of power, grade and crossing issues on the branch.

BFI has had a few equipment on Flatbed moves recently which were not at all productive. (as in "Dump the train.....were on the ground in two different places).

There are many pipe dreams in store for the Bush Branch as well, but I will wait to see more evidence before posting.

I joined the railroad to be a trainman and end up being a garbageman

  by DogBert
Aye the bush... sounds like Captain McAllister delivering a precious cargo of hot pants. now if only chef wiggum would hang out on the line...

last time i was in that area last summer if i recall right WM was erecting some kind of new building. an expansion i presume?

i always wondered why the cars were split up in the outbounds... that makes good sense now.

tushy - you mean crap ready to ship? what about a siding?

  by Knife-Switch
According to rumors (now remember Calverton was a rumor once)...Waste Mgt is ready to tear down all sorts of stuff and put in all sorts of new tracks and runarounds to continue C&D and expand into MSW..thus leading to more of a reason to begin a CSX "Trash Train"....guess we'll just have to wait and see.

  by jayrmli
Both the Pineaire and Lindenhurst C&D sites are being built at this time. Servicing them will be interesting, to say the least. Each come with their own set of operational headaches.


  by mainline
Jay I guess you guys will have to keep the back track clear for that move. I know easier said then done.

  by Scrap em Again
I heard that the new CD guy only has a 4 car spot, he would need swithches throughout the day to get his optimal car count. It would be wise for NYA to base a switcher job in PINE to handle his traffic, ELM, and AJM, this would aleviate the 2 road jobs a bit. The yard switcher would be able to somewhat block out trains for the next road job, either the 50 or 60, but knowing NYA it probably does not make much sense to do that.

  by tushykushy
I have a question. I'm not sure if this will make any sense.

The new C&D guy in Lindenhurst, I don't know how many cars will fit back there (as the track hasn't even been laid down yet, but you can definitely see what the path is going to be) assuming it gets as big as Coastal. Coastal has the luxary of pulling out their cars onto the PW siding, not interfearing with the LIRR traffic. Now if this place in Lindenhurst were to do the same thing, it would be occupying the main. What would be the guidelines for that? Assuming operations take place from 9-5, there are trains that are on the central at 11:50am,1:45pm, and 3:30pm, plus whatever work trains take the central and you guys as well.

  by mainline
I was with the RS 40 the first day they pulled 6 cars of C&D from SAB. It did involve a couple of moves but not difficult. I was at the C&D site on Emjay Blvd today. Big facility for a four car spot. Scrap it probably would be a good idea on the NYAR's part to start another job at Pine Aire to handle Elm,Ajm, the C&D customer, Roberts Plywood and Southern Container. If we're really feeling efficient we will also include Ameri Gas and ? (forgot new co. name) container in Wyandanch. That might work.

  by mainline
TK the new C&D guy at Lindenhurst will never be given the oppurtunity to Occupy the main. If he was on the side of Wellwood siding it might be possible but doubtful with all the work extras the LIRR runs out of there.

  by jayrmli
The Lindenhurst operation will be interesting because if they use the high hoppers, they can't use the Montauk Branch due to clearance issues. This will involve either
a) A runaround move at Babylon
b) A long shove down the Central Branch

If the train is too long, it can't be double ended. Since the Central Branch is Rule 261, the freight will need to clear it to reverse traffic.

Like I said, it will be very interesting...


  by RRChef
Where are the clearence issues on the Montauk? I didn't think there were any there.