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  by awtprod
I saw the FRA/DOT amfleet(?) test coach tonight laid up in-between two MP-15ac next to the Jamaica protect engine. Anybody know what this is about it? Is it a test for Amtrak service out east?

I'm almost positive it was this car: https://www.fra.dot.gov/Elib/Document/2158
  by RRspatch
This is former Metroliner coach No.803. Yes, the Amfleet cars were patterned after the Metroliner EMU's but this was not an Amfleet test car.

  by DutchRailnut
Its one of FRA Geometry cars , other than heritage it has nothing to do with Amtrak.

its run by FRA to make sure LIRR's own data is correct as generated by TC-82
  by hrfcarl
Believe I saw that setup running east on the main line at Mineola this morning around 8.30am, went by too quick to take pic.
  by upton
It was parked at the Yaphank siding this morning around 10 am. Took some pictures.
  by newkirk
Caught me my surprise this morning seeing this.

BTW, #803 at Wilmington, DE shops.
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  by PeteJP
Looks like an old Metroliner motor car.
  by Pensyfan19
As of today, the LIRR has started testing FRA 221, a coach which is often used for long distance routes, as part of its commuter railroad journey on the Eastern Seaboard. It went o MBTA and Metro North before now, and test runs began with a DE30AC on each end instead of the usual MP15AC. Test runs today went to Hempstead and Greenport, and this train is likely to visit all of the branches of the LIRR.

Here is footage of this special train passing by near Yaphank about a few hours ago.
  by Crabman1130
Did they need to modify the couplers on the engines?
  by BuddR32
Crabman1130 wrote: Tue May 04, 2021 3:56 pm Did they need to modify the couplers on the engines?
Not at all.
  by Pensyfan19
They went out to Port Jeff today. Followed by Oyster Bay. The DEs are needed in order to run with HEP for 221 and can go at MAS (Max Operating Speed?) while operating.