door controls

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door controls

Post by flexliner » Thu Sep 06, 2018 6:43 am

From my riding years ago on metroliners and later amfleets
i seem to remember that the door control panel had several sets of buttons
open (fore and aft of the location)
close (same)
this door only open and close (which i presume was for low platforms)

i also vaguely remember how the M1 LIRR panels looked

how do newer cars ie MLV or comet V (that have long doors) have their panels set up?
are the different setting for low or high platform?
are the traps still manually opened?

how do cars like some shoreliners and the arrow III that also have center (High) doors
have the buttons set up?

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Re: door controls

Post by Backshophoss » Thu Sep 06, 2018 4:21 pm

All of the newest MLV type cars and EMU'S have a Door control setup that is trainlined thru out the consist,single cars or multiple cars can be "Zoned off"
if not needed or the consist is longer then the platform. Also the option of only opening 1 door at that control panel only. (Bridgeplate type stops)
On EMU's and some newer MLV type cars is "Power Knock out" circuit in the Door Comm Trainline that does not allow the consist to move untill
all the doors are closed.
A Conductor that has a door on the "local door" control will not trip the "PKO" trainline.

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Re: door controls

Post by flexliner » Tue Apr 16, 2019 10:49 am

i thought i had posted a follow up post from my iphone but guess it did not go thru

follow up questions for my better understanding

i think i understand how trainlined doors work especialy for high platform operation

for low platform ops - are the end doors trainlined (after raising traps) or do they have to be manually operated between every car set
for low platforms - how are the center doors (ie arrows) cut out

for cars with long doors (ie MLV) how do those work for low platforms (have been out of US for years never seen one live)
are they trainlined for low platforms?
how are the traps raised or retracted?
how are the doors without steps/traps cut out at low platforms?

just trying to understand better as i said have never seen live......

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