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  by Gilbert B Norman
There is presently a Short Line serving the Toledo area, but I think there is a separate operator of the former AA through Mt. Pleasant. Here is a brief history of the "Annie": ... fault.aspx" onclick=";return false;

Unfortunately, Central Michigan University has the news of late "for all the wrong reasons".

Associated Press courtesy of WWJ-TV

The report notes the suspect was observed by a train crew who reported the sighting resulting in an apprehension without incident.

So what is the former "Annie's" name and operator; "enquiring mind wants to know".
  by jimnorthwood
The current iteration of the Watco owned Ann Arbor RR operates from its namesake city south to Toledo, where the majority of its customers are located. Online business between AA and Toledo is limited. Interchange with Great Lakes Central takes place at a siding just north of AA named Osmer. GLC operates on state owned track (former AA) from Osmer, through Mt. Pleasant, etc to Yuma. Beyond Yuma, rail to the former carferry terminus in Frankfort was removed a number of years ago. Fwiw the sand mine at the end of track in Yuma, which was the only source of traffic on the Cadillac-Yuma stretch of the GLC, and which had been idle for several years, was just reactivated in recent weeks. GLC also operates some ex Pennsy and C&O state owned trackage in and near Cadillac, Traverse City, and Petoskey.
  by kevin.brackney
Add to above: The "road job" RS 101 & RS 102 switch several customers between Toledo and Dundee, MI, and interchange with NS, at Milan, as well as making the run to Osmer. CTC between CP Alexis and Diann. TWC from Diann to end of AARR, where GLC begins.