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  by Noel Weaver
It hardly seems possible but fifty years ago November 4, 1957 the last
K-4 operated on the New York and Long Branch from Bay Head Junction
to South Amboy. At that time there were still two K-4's left in South
Amboy 612 (K-4sa) and 830.
There was a farewell excursion behind 612 on October 20, 1957 which
was sponsored by the Branford Electric Railway Association. I went on
this trip and still have the flyer and my ticket stub. We started out of New
York and changed from a GG-1 to the 612 at South Amboy. We stopped
at Asbury Park for an hour or so for lunch and then proceeded to Sea
Girt where we left the NY & LB for the PRR branch through Freehold to
Jamesburg then the old C & A to South Amboy where a GG-1 took over
from old faithful 612 for the return to New York. This was the last time I
ever saw a K-4 in operation and it was a great trip.
The last K-4 operation on the NY & LB was a southbound train from South
Amboy to Bay Head Junction on November 3, 1957 and return on the
morning of Monday, November 4, 1957. Steam normally operated on the
through train to Exchange Place but on the last day it was used on a train
to South Amboy and the Jersey City train operated with diesel power.
On the same Monday, November 4, 1957 engines 830 and 612 operated
light from South Amboy to Camden.
The very last K-4 operated a few days later on November 12, 1957 when
5351 operated from Pemberton to Camden. The K-4's were stored for a
time at 46th Street, Philadelphia before being shipped out to Modena, PA.
for scrap except for the two that were preserved.
Some of the above is from my own memories and records and some is
from the book "The Unique New York & Long Branch" by Don Wood.
I made many trips to the NY & LB territory in the mid 1950's but got little
in pictures. Lots of memories though. I did not want this time to pass
without notice.
Anybody else on here remember this?
Noel Weaver

  by baju
Yes I remember the excursion on the Freehold Jamesburg rr. The excursion passed my backyard In Wall Twp. If I remember correctly on a Sunday afternnon. I could hear the wistle as it passed through Allenwood.
The line was still active with the twice daily doodlebug and a once a week freight. I rode steam many a weekend to visit Asbury Park boadwalk from Manasquan. The ticket was 27 cents.........

  by GSC
I was little at the time, living in Belmar, and my grandfather took me to the Belmar station to see 612 pass on this fantrip. I remember a little, wish I remember more.

Don Wood's NY&LB book is fantastic. I've read most of the print off the pages over the years.

My first "chase" was over the Freehold & Jamesburg with the family on a weekend "go for a ride" (remember those?). We saw a PRR freight leaving from Manasquan and my dad went to every grade crossing between there and Farmingdale to meet the train. The train didn't stop at Monmouth Box in Allenwood (the last online customer between Sea Girt and F'dale). I remember an SW-type locomotive, two box cars, and a caboose, and every last crewman made sure to wave at the grinning kid (me) in the car at every crossing.

I saw the Doodlebug each morning (when we lived in Spring Lake Heights, and later Neptune City right next to the NY&LB) and I remember the jetty rock trains coming from the F&JA up the NY&LB to the old Lewis Lumber Co. yard in Spring Lake, where the rocks were offloaded and then taken to the beach by truck for jetty construction.

Useless trivia remembered: the south-west end of the morning Trenton-bound Doodlebug's horn sounded like it had water in it. It "gurgled", that's how I knew it was approaching. The other end of the car's horn was normal, heard that around supper time on the return trip.