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  by Allen Hazen
The PRR's FF-2 electric locomotives were ex-Great Northern Y-1 class, bought second hand when GN de-electrified and used by the PRR for a few years before they were TOTALLY worn out.

A question has come up on another forum (Locomotives and Rollin Stock, General, forum, "Regenerative braking: basic questions" string), and I wonder if anyone here knows the answer:

They were designed for, and used on the GN with, regenerative braking. Did the PRR use the regenerative braking feature, or did PRR operate them with only air brakes?
  by Allen Hazen
More information has turned up: anyone interested in the general question of dynamic and regenerative braking on electric locomotives should check out the the discussion ("Regenerative braking - basics") on the "General locomotive, rolling stock and equipment forum."

On the specific question I asked about the (ex-GN) FF-2 locomotives,
"FF2 regeneration -Trains Magazine June 1958 has a 5 page article by Frederick Westing on the purchase and conversion of these for helper service. On pg 47 he says "But the regenerative braking apparatus was removed, for the work involved made its use unnecessary"."