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  • Discussion of General Electric locomotive technology. Current official information can be found here: www.getransportation.com.
Discussion of General Electric locomotive technology. Current official information can be found here: www.getransportation.com.

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  by CSX Conductor
Favorite passenger GE would be: F 40

Favorite freight GE (as far as 4 axles go) would be: B23-7

  by 7 Train
The F40 was GM/EMD.

  by Engineer Spike
I don't like any GE. The EMD units are more engineer friendly. I used to like running the C30-7, because they were much quieter than the SD40, but I had to get used to the fact that they would not respond as fast. The C30, B23, etc. were hard to get into. They have the very steep ladders, and the small Alco style doors. It was hard to make this move, especially with luggage.

  by LCJ
It was hard to make this move, especially with luggage.
Especially with the typical "engineer spread." :wink:

I agree about the doors. When I was RFE in Baltimore we had an engineer who had a heart attack on a GE unit at Potomac Yard. It was very difficult to get him off that unit on a stretcher!

  by Joe
How come nobody likes modern GEs? I personally like the new ES44ACs. They have new technologies and those new radiator flares just catch your eye if you see one go by. I've seen two GEVOs so far.

  by bigblow69
My favorite GE Loco the Gas Turbine!!!

  by RailBus63
gp40marc69 wrote:P32AC-DM
Seen some pictures of them. Do you wonder why you always see them in New York and Connecticut.
The Amtrak P32AC-DM's are assigned to Empire Service - they do run as far as Niagara Falls, NY, but the Maple Leaf to Toronto uses P40's or P42's.

The Metro North/ConnDOT P32's are limited to their commuter lines in CT and NY, of course.

Living in the Syracuse, NY area, I see and photograph Amtrak's P32's on a regular basis. Since they are AC locomotives, they sound different than the regular P40/P42 diesels - the engine runs at a higher constant speed when making station stops.

Jim D.

  by AMTK84
Hey Jim,

You got any recordings of those P32AC-DM's?

As far as favorite freight loco goes, CW60AC hands down.

  by ATK
Why do you need recordings??? Do you have a vacuum cleaner at home? Turn it on. There's your P32!

Anyone who has spent any length of time around those locomotives can attest as to how obnoxious those blowers are. I can still hear the ringing in my ears...

Despite the blowers, the locomotive is still an engineering marvel. The fact that the P32 can change modes between diesel and third rail (and back) with no loss of HEP is quite amazing.
  by 448 LakeShoreLtd 449
My personal favorite GE Units would be the P40 Genesis Units, especially in their original fade out Phase III scheme, I loved how they looked, and Ive heard that they are better performers then the newer P42 units.

I also like the Conrail C30-7A units which used to be seen all the time along the Boston and Albany main, they sounded neat and always looked like they were working their hardest to lug a train along!
  by AOS
My vote goes to 44-Toners. Becas thay don't have GE motors. :)
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  by AMTK84
The P40's have better breaks then the P42's, I've heard something to the effect that they are manual verces electric. Also one difference I've noted is that there bells sound a little bit different.
  by ATK
The main differences between the P40's and P42's is the latter series has NYAB CCB1 electronic air brake system, and a EFI equipped FDL whereas the 800's have a standard 26L brake (desktop equivalent) and standard mechanical governor diesel engine. That's basically it -- everything else is minor including some software changes and other small stuff.

Pretty much the same locomotive between the two fleets.

  by AmtrakFan
None of them if you really want to know it is the P42's.


  by XBNSFer
The DASH-9 44CW - in ATSF Warbonnett colors of course :wink:

Think I'll probably like the GEVO's, but only saw them under construction at a GE plant tour - haven't seen them out on the rails yet. Only thing I don't like is the shrinking middle of the hood - where is the nice big "Santa Fe" billboard lettering gonna go on my future models?? :D
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