Discussion relating to the B&O up to it's 1972 merger into Chessie System. Visit the B&O Railroad Historical Society for more information. Also discussion of the C&O up to 1972. Visit the C&O Historical Society for more information. Also includes the WM up to 1972. Visit the WM Historical Society for more information.
  by Rick F.
To me, probably the ALCO RSD-12. I also like the EMD FP-7's. Then, there's those ever present GEEP 7's and 9's.

  by ShayFan
I got to say the geep 7s and 9s in the original blue schemes. There is something about the schemes that spark my interest. Whenever I would be poking around in the New River Gorge or trout fishing Laurel Creek at Cotton Hill, I can imagine a train powered by them rolling through.

  by Tony T.
The SD40's. The yellow nosed version the most. The slightly smaller lettering on the long hood made them stand out even more so when seen only in profile.

I also especially favor the passenger E units with the 'simplified' single grey band and blue lettering. I'm trying to get some HO scale decals made for my 'fleet'. TT

  by Tadman
4617 looks like dark future. What year was that pic taken?
  by Redside20
I always liked the SD18S and the c&o had a fleet of 10 locomotives if i'm not mistaken

  by AmtrakFan
My Favorite is the E7's


  by Tadman
E7 #101 before C&O merged PM but still had control. Easily the best diesel paint job ever.

  by blw
Another vote for the Dragon Ladies... (RSD-12s). But I'm really a steam fan :wink:
  by LJ
This is kinda tough, but the first shortline that I went to work on had old C & O, SD-18's on it. so I fell in love with the 7302 and the 7311. But I can not forget the GP-7's, GP-9's, GP-15T's, and the GP-38-2's.

  by TheChessieCatLives
I maybe wrong saying this, but here it goes anyway. The only units to keep their original C&O/Chessie units to keep their original numbers were the SD50s and the GP15s.
  by LJ
:-) I use to work for two shortlines here in Pulaski Co., Indiana that were sister railroads. We had owned several former C & O SD-18's. They were the 7302 and the 7311. They were both used on the Tippecanoe R. R. at Monterey, In. When we had them they were both still in their Chessie System color scheme. The 7302 lost her Chessie lettering when we sent her to the A & R LINE R.R. The 7311 kept her old Chessie paint and lettering. And it was used like this on the J & K LINE R.R. UNTIL THE LINE torn up by the Railamerica in the last three years. Now I work for a shortline called the Chesapeke and Indiana R.R. It is located up in La Crosse, In. We operate 33 miles of track that was formerly a part of the old C & O / PM R.R.'s. We are currently leasing out SD-18 NO. 7311 from Ed Bowers of the Vintage Locomotive Incorporated. And there are no plans to remove the the Chessie lettering or colors.

  by KC8WJG
The GP39's 3900-3919 of 1969. I guess because they were unique with only 23 ever built.