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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by RDG Mallet
The RBMN has recently sold more locomotives from the boneyard at Pittston. The 8082, 1545, and 1547 are all alledgedly bound for the Ohio Central. The 8082 has left already, as for the other 2, not sure when or if they have left yet.

Also, on a very sad note, it has been brought to my attention that the 3200 (ex:7525) has been retired from the RBMN roster. Her turbo has been slowly failing for quite some time and unfortunatly, time has run out.

The 3200 is an SD45r and still has the flared radiators and 20 cylinder prime mover. (that big prime mover is partly to blame for her retirement also, due to extra power assembly cost) I will miss this engine as much as many others will. It was the oldest big Road unit in the fleet yet (1969), it did the job better than the SD50s. Supposedly she is now going to be a parts donor for the rest of the fleet. (Funny enough, originally, this is all it was bought for) Farewell to the 3200: RIP. :(



  by TheAngryBrakeman
Yes the 3200/7525 was a great locomotive. That night we had it on the Reading Turn was one of its last days, it was making a regular habit of the turbo failing. I'm pretty sure that August 2 was its last day in service, fairly ironic that it and I started on the RN about the same time and left the RN at the same time.

I would much rather have the 3200 down here, rather than these worn out GP9's and GP30's for switching the yard.

  by Reading Company Crusader
This should still fall in under this topic of Farewell.


Good luck to you on your new job venture, I had heard the R&N lost another good one. Whats J.H. going to do with out you and of course no more O'Gradys for you. :P

Let me know were you are riding the iron these days, either here or by email.

CEW a.k.a. the Prof

  by metman499
A good looking loco to be sure. It never seemed to be well maintained though. Before the repaint I saw and photographed it filling up Pittston Junction with smoke. I'll dig out the slides tonight and post a link tomorrow.

  by RDG Mallet
Well, perhaps I wrote my 3200 Obit a bit premature. She might still have a slim chance of survival. I will try and keep the thread updated. :-)



  by metman499
Well, thats good news. The paint is very nice on this loco. As promised here are three shots where 3200 does its best steam locomotive impersonation.


The 3200 has NOT been retired. It does have a tired turbo clutch, but is otherwise OK. It remains in service and will be on a job tomorrow. Don't know where the retired rumor started, but it just ain't true!....................well...................at least for now. :wink: