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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by hfjames1
I believe #1 is the old freight station. Now belongs to Falls Road Railroad.
#2 is the old passenger station.
  by NYCRRson
I got to ride with my Dad (NYCRR loco engineer) on the "Medina Turn" out of Niagara Falls in the early 70's. Worked East switching all the cold storage places between NF and Medina. Lots of work at Lockport for "Harrison Radiator", the radiator plant, later known as "GM Thermal Systems" (Thermal Systems sounds much more high tech than "radiator plant"). Still had a caboose on the hind end for the switching crew to ride in.

Remember getting big 5 gallon metal cans of cherries in syrup that the folks at the cold storage places would give to the RR crews as a reward for spotting a few cars just as they wanted them.

In the 60's / early 70's the Falls Road was still an important high speed line. Remember Auto-racks and Flexivans (NYCRR version of TOFC) racing by at 60 mph... :-)
  by Fireman43
NCRRSON- you have a good memory on the 30# cans of cherries! They were like gold , I remember buddies of the plant mgr would always stop by and he’d ask us to “go get a can “
That was a heck of a lot of cherries.

In regards to other stops can remember back in late 50’s going with my dad after having some chairs shipped via the Falls road being dropped off at the freight house in Albion.
  by NYCRRson
"That was a heck of a lot of cherries."

It sure was, we ate cherries all fall and winter long. My folks froze a bunch of them, we had cherries dang near year round.... :P

I think my dentist payed for his BMW fixing all the cavities those cherries caused....
  by tholtz
These personal stories are great.
Any memories of Medina after the Heinz plant closed?
  by Fireman43
Just a quick update -
Brother found one of these famous cherrie cans at an estate sale .
Pretty good shape after 50 years.
(But no , no cherries )

Fingers crossed this site allows a cut and paste attachment .
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  by NYCRRson
Yes siree... Those are the cheery cans from the fruit packing houses along the Falls Road... I still have the bottom part of one of those jam packed with electrical wire that I use for projects... Never thought about it much, but I bet it's about 50 years old (early 1970's to 2020's)....