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  • Discussion about shortline operator Genesee Valley Transportation, operator of the Delaware-Lackawanna; the Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern, the Falls Road Railroad; Depew, Lancaster & Western; and the Lowville & Beaver River railroads. Official site: GVTRAIL.COM.
Discussion about shortline operator Genesee Valley Transportation, operator of the Delaware-Lackawanna; the Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern, the Falls Road Railroad; Depew, Lancaster & Western; and the Lowville & Beaver River railroads. Official site: GVTRAIL.COM.

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  by NS59
Heard from a Medina resident today... they are clearing a passage through the trees near Berzo for a siding to a new Ethynol plant. Can anyone sunstantiate this?

  by NS59
wow, i wrote the last post when i was half asleep. It looks like the poster child for spell check. sorry haha

  by nessman

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  by TRR12
probably not factual. too many private residences, bernzomatic private property and bates road to cross. beleive area is further east than that.

  by med-train
Companies don't start work on a project like this until all of the contracts are signed and the money is all in place. You won't see trees cleared until the legal work is all done and the ceremonial ground breaking is announced.

It is believed that the switch will be located east of Bates Road/ Medina Village line. All of the work will be outside of the Village. Bernzomatic is in the Village.

  by med-train
From Yahoo GVT news it sounds like the trains will not be broken down in Lockport. GVT plans a Y at Medina so that the train will be re-engined in Lockport and move as a unit train to Medina where it will back in to the plant and be dropped there. The outgoing train will be picked up and head out of the Y back to Lockport and be picked up there by CSX.

  by nessman
State spending $6M on Orleans ethanol plant

David Tyler
Staff writer

(May 8, 2006) — SHELBY — New York will spend nearly $6 million to help a company open what is billed as the first state-of-the-art dry mill ethanol plant in the state.

Western New York Energy, LLC, plans to spend $87.4 million to build on 144 acres in the town of Shelby, Orleans County. Construction is expected to begin in June and be completed by early 2008. The plant will produce 50 million gallons of ethanol a year and create 58 jobs, officials said

Gov. Pataki, speaking at an appearance at Shelby Town Hall, said the plant will help make New York a leader in alternative energy production and help wean the country from dependence on foreign oil.

"It is just, in my view, tragic that in the 21st century we still have that dependency," Pataki said.

Pataki also said as many as 500 jobs would be created in ancillary industries such as transportation and agriculture. The plant will use 20 million bushels of corn a year, with 6 million of those expected to come from New York state.

The state support includes $3.1 million to help rail and other transportation access at the site, $435 thousand in the form of a grant, and Western New York Energy also will be eligible for up to $2.5 million in renewable energy production tax credits. The plant site also is in a tax saving Empire Zone.

The Shelby plant is one of at least three ethanol projects being planned around central and western New York. A coalition of corn growers plans a 50 million-gallon-a-year plant in Seneca County. The coalition is currently trying to decide whether to place the plant in Seneca Falls or at the old Seneca Army Depot in Romulus.

Northeast Biofuels has proposed a 100 million-gallon-a-year plant in Fulton, Oswego County.

As the price of gasoline continues to rise, ethanol has become a more economically attractive option for producers. General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co. have launched ambitious campaigns to market ethanol-powered vehicles, which have helped public awareness of the products.

New York's strong heritage in agriculture, chemistry and engineering also make it an attractive place to build such plants, experts say.

Distillers' grains and carbon dioxide, two byproducts of ethanol production, also are in high demand.

Pataki has proposed bringing alternative fuels to New York State Thruway rest stops and cutting taxes to make the fuel drastically cheaper than gasoline.

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  by dummy
i read a piece in the brockport post that states the birds eye plant might be closing if they cant find a buyer. that means the falls road will no longer be coming into brockport. i dont like where thats headed. the falls road is the only thing in town of any interrest.

  by nessman
Allied Cold Storage on Owens Road at the end of the line is still receiving reefers.

I don't think the Birds Eye plant (former Brockport Cold Storage) gets much more than 3-4 Cryo-Trans cars / month.

  by dummy
no, i dont think so. that lines been out of service for quite a while. unless they have revived it in the last year but i dont think anythings going on in that building now anyways.

  by WNYP431
Yes, we still are going to be shoving cars into Allied, and have been. Are we that hard to find?

  by nessman
The spur into the old Owens-Illinois plant was rehabbed a few years ago when Allied bought it and converted it into cold storage. They receive cars regularly (not sure of the counts of frequency), but the line into Brockport is far from dead.

  by dummy
yep, the old OI line to the glass plant is the one i thought was out of service. glad to see they are using it again. i think the paper said birds eye will stay open for another year before closing anyways. when i was a child back in the 70s, that line had high speed frieghts roughly every hour to and from rochester whipping through there. sometimes they would be two or three trains at park ave waiting to go one direction or the other. wish i could get my hands on some pics. how i miss the old days

  by TB Diamond
dummy: photographed the Falls branch just east of Medina back in the early 1970s a couple times. Will look through my files and see what I can locate.