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Discussion relating to commuter rail, light rail, and subway operations of the MBTA.

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  by diburning
TrainFan1035 wrote: Sat Sep 24, 2022 12:28 pm I think it might be the minuteman scheme. (Which i have no idea if its the red and yellow one or the blue, black and white one, Though im pretty sure its the red and yellow one)
Turned out that the black paint on 1070 was not actual paint it was primer (from what i heard)
The photos I've seen of the 1070 clearly showed the black paint as glossy. Primer isn't usually glossy, and usually isn't black (because it darks the color painted on top of it).

We'll find out soon, won't we? It would be funny if the red and white of the McGinnis scheme end up being applied as decals instead of actual paint.
  by NH2060
Literally had no idea the T was even considering heritage units, let alone actively undertaking the process of doing so at all until I looked up the tail end of this thread just for the heck of it. So needless to say there will be some very pleasantly surprised commuters within the next couple of months :-D

Since #1070 is painted in glossy black as -presumably- the base coat I'd be willing to bet this one is the NYC unit. Sounds like the T is going for the black carbody with a light gray lightning stripe akin to what the Finger Lakes Railway has applied to their locomotives. So imagine the livery on their GP40s but applied to an F40.

RE: the B&M "Bluebird" scheme, by "Bluebird" we are talking about the deep blue carbody with the black cab and white vertical stripes on the ends, correct? AKA the current Mass Central GP-38 scheme?

Disclaimer: I would actually rather that over the "Minuteman" livery even if it used the *non-#4226* McGinnis F-3 look. I think it would look spectacular! And as a side note, that "B+M" logo was clearly an attempt to give the B&M the "Herbert Matter" look. Not the worst thing I've seen, but the regular McGinnis "B&M" "butterfly"(?) logo was perfect IMO. And I sure would not want either that ugly light blue with thin red, white, and blue livery or the 1980s bright blue with bland modern font.

RE: the NH heritage unit... maybe the 1070 *is* the NH unit and is slated to get the Alpert pinstripes with red orange "NH" block logos? AKA the C424/5 look? Or is it more or less confirmed that it is indeed the McGinnis "mustache" livery?

Now seeing as the T appears to be going with the "Minuteman" livery for the B&M unit imagine if the T went with the FA/PA green with gold stripes and the olde script logo for the NH unit? :wink:
  by CRail
NH2060 wrote: Sun Sep 25, 2022 12:18 pm RE: the B&M "Bluebird" scheme, by "Bluebird" we are talking about the deep blue carbody with the black cab and white vertical stripes on the ends, correct? AKA the current Mass Central GP-38 scheme?
Correct, that is the bluebird scheme.
  by BandA
Not for nothing, but shouldn't the MBTA, which is teetering on insolvency, be focusing on safety and repairs and not on heritage paint schemes? (Unless they want to commit to the Mattapan line as a permanent heritage line, then we can talk about whether they should be in green, red or Boston Elevated schemes)...

Okay, I do like pretty paint though. I liked the B&M's very classy one-off replacement for the wrecked unit that used Minuteman-like colors, with apparently metallic burgundy replacing the usual purple. There is the elephant in the room - B&M used a blue paint that faded and chalked quickly and probably has a lot of oxides in it that don't protect the metal.
  by theMainer
The two dead coaches next to the Lowell Line tracks at BET have what appears to be some test paint schemes applied to them in some NH like colors. Anyone know if they could relate to the Heritage Scheme program?
  by nomis
Painted for a movie, and trucked back to BET.
  by theMainer
You wouldn't happen to know which movie?
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  by GP40MC1118
Don't know, but they were in storage in Rochester, brought to Abington, then trucked to Weymouth where the repaint/filming was done.
I tried to snoop around the Mass Film Commission webpage, but didn't find anything.
  by johnpbarlow
I could be wrong but as I was driving over the Winter St overpass of the west end of Nevins Yard in Framingham on Tuesday 12/6/22 at 0900, I saw what looked to be an unidentified F40 of some sort at the head of a cut of cars in the yard that I'm guessing was brought in by Attleboro turn L005. Perhaps heading somewhere for rebuild?
  by jwhite07
MBTX 1036 was spied on Chester and Westfield cams later that day on M427, perhaps the same one you had seen earlier in Framingham made its way to Worcester and thence west?
  by Commuterrail1050
Could that mean that 1036 has been sent to get rebuilt? If so, that leaves 1071-2 left, assuming that they are in service which I doubt. Not sure if they are reserved for work service or not if they have an hep failure like 1030 did.
  by alasgw
Here are the units that I show as not overhauled yet - units noted as "2022" have been at the Erie plant this year. Please let me know if I missed anything or need to update the list:

1033 2022
1036 2023
1059 2023
1067 2022
1070 2022

010 2023
011 2023
  by CRail
1071 and 1072 are the only units left awaiting overhaul. Both are typically used in non-revenue service.
  by alasgw
Good to know about 1071 & 1072

These units are at Erie now - year notations are when I expected[ed] them to be completed. If any of the ones marked 2022 aren't back at MBTA they'll ship from Erie next year:
1033 2022
1036 2023
1059 2023
1067 2022
1070 2022
  by Commuterrail1050
Anyone know what issues they are having that’s preventing them from returning for testing and such?
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