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It took a lot of digging, but I found that update's parent page: LAWA Official Site | LAMP News

The newsletter itself (titled link): The Future of LAX Newsletter - March 2021

ITF-West should open late this summer, ConRAC's concrete is now complete, and
The 2.25-mile Automated People Mover (APM) train guideway is approximately 25% complete, and only nine of 192 columns remain to be placed to support the guideway superstructure. Station construction has begun at the East CTA and Intermodal Transportation Facility-West (ITF-West) sites. Train car testing and assembly continues in Pittsburgh.
From the pictures, I gather that this APM has a track system much like some other ALRS's. A central guiding rail and strips on each side for rubber tires.
  by Jeff Smith
Thanks for all the updates!
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Aerial Tour: Foothill Gold Line from Glendora to Montclair - YouTube from 3 years back, and also recent updates from Foothill Gold Line the project's home page.

The line will have several light-rail bridges, and some freeway underpasses may have to be widened for it. Some streets have been cut rather than get light-rail grade crossings.
  • (Bridge) Foothill Blvd. + Grand Ave. N side
  • (Cut) W Ada Ave (redirected to Vermont Ave. for the crossing)
  • (Station) Glendora, between Vermont Ave., Glendora Ave., N side
  • (Cut) Glenwood Ave.
  • (Bridge) Route 66 N side
  • (Underpass) I-218
  • (Bridge) Lone Hill Ave. N to S side
  • (Underpass) SR-57
  • (Bridge) Bonita Ave. + Cataract Ave. S side
  • (Station) San Dimas, between San Dimas Ave., Walnut Ave., S side
  • (Station) La Verne, between E St., White Ave., S side
  • (Station) Pomona, between Fulton Rd., Garey Ave. S side near N Pomona Metrolink stn.
  • (limit of current funding)
  • (Bridge) Garey Ave.
  • (Bridge) Towne Ave.
  • (Bridge) Indian Hill Blvd.
  • (Station) Claremont, between Indian Hill Rd., College Ave., N side near Claremont Metrolink stn.
  • (Bridge) Monte Vista Ave.
  • (Station) Montclair, between Monte Vista Ave., Central Ave., N side near Montclair Metrolink stn.
The route goes through two street intersections, going in bridges over both.
  by lpetrich
The LACMTA Gold / L Line uses the route of the former Pasadena Subdivision of the ATSF - Pasadena Subdivision - Wikipedia

Amtrak operated some trains into LA using that route until the 1994 Northridge earthquake, because that tremor damaged the bridge over south-side I-210 in Arcadia. The Gold Line uses a replacement of that bridge, and the south side of that freeway has a dip there. Is that dip a legacy of the construction of the original railroad bridge there?

In any case, I find it hard to find pictures of the original bridge. I find mostly pictures of the light-rail bridge.

West of Claremont, the Pasadena Subdivision is now a freight branchline that extends to the San Gabriel River between Duarte and Azusa.
  by lpetrich
East of Claremont, the line is now a trail, the Pacific Electric Trail. It extends Claremont Blvd. + Huntington Dr. -- N Benson Ave. + Huntington Dr. -- N 11th Ave. + Washington Blvd. -- Archibald Ave. + Lomita Ct.-- end of N Heritage Cir -- Citrus Ave. + Seville Ave. -- N Cactus Ave. + 1st / 2nd Sts.

A railroad line starts there, but it looks like it has not been maintained in a long time. A little east of Meridian Ave., it goes into a north-south railroad line. I followed it northward and it went into Cajon Pass. I searched for "San Bernardino CA" and I found that the line's end was in the western part of that town.

So if wants to use more of the former Pasadena Subdivision, one can go from Montclair to San Bernardino in it.
  by lpetrich
Instead, I've seen a proposal for an extension to Ontario Airport: Gold Line Foothill Extension - Wikipedia (not Ontario, Canada!)

Between Montclair station and Ontario Airport, it's hard to avoid city streets. But I've thought of a route that goes close to Metrolink stations.

The route is now built out to North Pomona Metrolink station on the San Bernardino Line, and it will go to the Claremont and Montclair ones on that line.

It can continue further to Upland on that line and turn south into Euclid Ave. a few blocks W of Upland station. At the Riverside Line, it turns east and follows that line, arriving at the Ontario Metrolink station and then at the airport.