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  by firthorfifth06
I'm a bit confused about Exchange Place. I know the H&M Station was underground, but what about the PRR Terminal? How many tracks did it have? What lines went to that terminal? According to the PRR Historical Society, service ended Nov. 1961. At the time of closing, what lines were still using Exchange Place? Thanks
  by CarterB
Here's a 1908 map of the Exchange Place Terminal of the Pennsylvania Railroad:

http://www.historicmapworks.com/Map/US/ ... rsey+City/

http://www.northeast.railfan.net/classi ... yRear.jpeg

http://kc.pennsyrr.com/photos/images/pc ... ferry2.jpg

http://books.google.com/books?id=c-8Vcw ... ck#PPA6,M1

Basically only the PRR used the twelve track Exchange Place Terminal, although for a while, LV commuter trains did use it, and up to 1913 the famous Black Diamond (and some others) terminated there. In the mid 1880s, the NYO&W and the NYWS&B (as well as the New York and Oswego Midland [NJM and later NYS&W] used it until their new Weehawken terminal was built. The NY and Long Branch's PRR "Broker" was probably the more famous of commuter trains to operate out of Exchange place in latter years. For a while, in earlier days, cars from PRR's Exchange Place terminal in Jersey City were added at Newark to the Broadway Ltd.
  by BaltOhio
Since the Exchange Place terminal was opposite lower Manhattan and the financial district, the PRR originated and terminated several commuter trains there, including the "Broker" express on the North Jersey Coast line. It was an easy commute for the financial types and office workers who took the H&M from Hudson Terminal or, in earlier days, the ferry. These were the last trains to use the terminal.
  by firthorfifth06
Further research, according to the Pennsy historical society, confirms that during the final period of service at Exchange Place, 6 eastbounds and 7 westbounds still used the station. Any Idea which they were?
  by westernfalls
firthorfifth06 wrote:Any Idea which they were?
3710 arr 758a MU New Brunswick
3712 arr 809a MU New Brunswick
3610 arr 815a MU South Amboy
704 arr 829a . . . Long Branch
3720 arr 855a MU New Brunswick
3618 arr 900a MU South Amboy
710 arr 921a . . . Bay Head

3623 dep 449p MU South Amboy
733 dep 505p . . . Bay Head
3735 dep 515p MU New Brunswick
3845 dep 527p MU Trenton
3737 dep 533p MU New Brunswick
3931 dep 547p MU Rahway

Beginning Nov. 20, 1961, these trains were rerouted to New York Penn Station except 710 which was terminated at Newark. The other two diesel trains made an engine change at Rahway.