Discussion relating to the PRR, up to 1968. Visit the PRR Technical & Historical Society for more information.
  by JonnyRay
Was the route from Newark to exchange place the same as path uses to journal square? Also were the tracks of the terminal at street level or on a viaduct? When did the umbrella she'd get demolished?
  by timz
The route wasn't identical to the present PATH route, which swings slightly south around the NJT yard where Manh Tfr was. Don't think there was that much room between the PRR main to NY Penn and the PRR main to Jersey City. East of there, not much change.

Then as now, six tracks thru Harrison station; until 1967, four tracks around the curve just east of the station. Now there's five tracks on the curve-- PATH got a track to itself on the south side.

PRR was elevated above the street (four-track steel viaduct) for most of the straight leading to the terminal. Terminal itself was on fill, a few feet? above street level.