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  by Crabman1130
The B&O acuried an RDC from the LIRR. Does anyone know the number that was assigned to it. Pictures would be great also.

  by hutton_switch
According to James Mischke's Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Diesel Locomotive Roster, Second Edition, the B&O never acquired an RDC from the Long Island Railroad. They acquired one unit from the C&NW and another from ATSF. A third unit, the one you were likely referring to, an RDC-1, was one that was leased by the B&O, and which originally belonged to the New Haven Railroad, which was merged with Penn Central. The Penn Central sold this unit to a private firm, who leased it to the B&O. If I have confused you, here is the sequence of events:
1) RDC-1 bought new by New Haven RR as no. 40, in March, 1953.
2) New Haven RR merged with Penn Central on Jan. 1, 1969.
3) Same RDC-1 unit sold to J.F. Jones Properties of Tamarac, FL, in 1972.
4) Same RDC-1 unit leased by J.F. Jones to B&O as their #98 from Oct. 2, 1974 to April, 1976, when sold by J.F. Jones to SEPTA.

I tried looking for pictures, but wasn't able to find any.

  by Crabman1130
LIRR RDC-2 3121 was sold to the B&O around July 1968.

  by Crabman1130
In “Diesels of the Sunrise Trial” it has a picture of it listed as B&O 9931, later MARC 9821.

  by hutton_switch
OK, Crabman, I just didn't look further enough in Jim's Diesel Roster. Here is what he entered about this RDC-2 (not an RDC-1):

B&O RDC2 9931, ex B&O 1972, nee Long Island 3121 (b/n 6015,

originally Long Island 3121, traded to the B&O for class S-20
observation sleeper car #7500, named "Nappanee", on 7/29/68,
briefly renumbered 9921(1st) then renumbered 9931 on 8/2/70,
retired in 7/80, sold to Maryland Department of Transportation
(MDOT) (AFE dated 6/18/80), renumbered #9821 in 1982,
refurbished by General Electric (Hornell, NY.), wrecked at
Camden Station (Baltimore, Md.) on 11/19/82, retired by 1987,
for sale in 2/96

Hope this fills in any gaps.

  by Crabman1130
Thank you for the information.