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  • Discussion relating to the BN, and its predecessors GN, NP, CB&Q, SP&S, SL-SF, and their subsidiaries. Visit the Friends of the Burlington Northern for more information.
Discussion relating to the BN, and its predecessors GN, NP, CB&Q, SP&S, SL-SF, and their subsidiaries. Visit the Friends of the Burlington Northern for more information.
  by MR77100
Alright, this is something I am still trying to find the answer to: What happened to all the BN E-units that were used in Aurora commuter service? Here is a list of what I know so far.
-BN kept 1 for executive service ( it has since gone to IRM)
-MARC took 6 (two are now at IRM)
-NYS&W took 2 for excursion service
-IC took 4 for executive service
-one went to a museum in Arkansas

That covers a little more than half of the 25. Does anyone know where the rest went. Correct me if I am wrong on the above info.

  by Tadman
I could be wrong, but I think some are sitting at NRE-Silvis. I know they are not at NRE-Dixmoore, and I know they are not in Aurora, Western, 14th ST, or any other Metra property, and I used to drive past most of 'em.
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  by c604.
-The ex-9907 at IRM has gone to the WSOR.
-9920 was supposed to be BN-4 but never made it. Last I heard it is in Keller Texas displayed in Q colors.
-Two others from MARC (9902 now in Q colors) and another still in BN/MARC colors are at the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis.

  by PRRGuy
Dont forget the Larrys truck and electric has about 6 E-9's
  by PRRGuy
BN 9900 NRE Silvis
BN 9901 IC 100
BN 9902 Ex Marc 64 Museum Kirkwood, MO
BN 9903 CN 102
BN 9904 IC 101
BN 9905 Marc 65 (Scrap?)
BN 9906 Marc 66 Museum Kirkwood, MO
BN 9907 Ex Marc 91 IRM (Parts @ Horicon, WI)
BN 9908 Ex Marc 92 IRM

BN 9910 LTEX 9910
BN 9911 Marc 69 (Scrap?)
BN 9912 NRE Silvis
BN 9913 Gold Coast RR Museum, Florida
BN 9914 NRE Silvis
BN 9915 NYS&W 2402
BN 9916 CN 103
BN 9917 LTEX 9917
BN 9918 NRE Silvis
BN 9919 BN 3 IRM
BN 9920 Display- Keller, TX
BN 9921 NYS&W 2400
BN 9922 LTEX 9922
BN 9923 LTEX 9923
BN 9924 NRE Silvis
BN 9925 LTEX 9925
  by MR77100
Thank you for the info. I am considering doing a slide show on the BN units that were used in Chicago commuter service. I am trying to locate photos and information of their rebuilding in Boise, Idaho at MK, as well as photos of them being transported up there.
  by c604.
The BN 9908 is back :-D

This unit has been at the Illinois Railway Museum for several years but until now has been numbered and named as MARC 92. Patches were applied over the BN logos, the MARC name was aplied, and the American flags were patched over with State of Maryland flags.

But for IRM's diesel days event this past weekend, the MARC patches were removed to reveal perfectly intact BN logos and American flags underneath! BN numbers haven't been applied to the side of the unit yet but this is definilty a great start. So come on out to IRM, bring your camera, and take a look for yourself.


I know for one thing, it was great to hear the words "dispatcher to the BN 9908" over the radio this weekend :-D
  by c604.
A little update: It now has numbers
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  by bwallace
Are there still units at NRE Silvis? I think that IC actually bought 8 of them in total 4 were rebuilt but upon being acquired by CN deemed the other 4 surplus. 1 was in the Homewood IL shops at the time being rebuilt and torn down but was never finished and scrapped in place and the other 3 being sold to LTEX in Ohio. The 9920 was at one time at IRM when it was donated with BN 1,2, & 3 and a ATSF FP-45 but it later vanished ending up in TX with no mention of this in the IRM newsletter as to how or why.

One can only guess that after it was donated BNSF asked for it back "because of other commitments". Most of the units at LTEX are the ones that were stored at the Nashville & Eastern for future Nashville TN commuter service but were replaced before it even started with surplus Amtrak F-40's. The NYS&W units also ended up at LTEX. What will happen to all of the LTEX units one can only guess. Good thing that scrap prices are currently low.
  by Joe
BN 9910, 9912, 9917, and 9925 are all NERR - Nashville & Eastern Railroad. They were purchased for use on the new Music City Star commuter service, but they bought four ex-Amtrak F40s which they use instead. They are sitting, neglected, in the NERR yard in Nashville. I suppose they could be put into service if the Music City Star ever expanded, but their fates don't look too bright at the moment.
  by c604.
This past weekend IRM held its annual Diesel Days event. The locomotive consist for one of the revenue passenger trains was the BN-3 (former 9919) and the BN 9908 MU'ed and running elephant style. This was most likely the first time since 1992 that a consist of two BN E9's have ran like this in the Chicago area :-D . They sounded great too.