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Discussion related to Amtrak also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corp.

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  by Jeff Smith
Moved, thanks!
  by Arlington
Where is the discussion of the tunnel through Middlebury?
  by andrewjw
Scalziand wrote: Thu Jun 06, 2019 11:59 am That article makes it sound like they're boring it with a TBM. Seems like overkill for a one block tunnel.
I believe a small TBM was used to create tunnels for utilities relocation.
  by east point
There is a procedure for going under roads, RRs, and other unable to cut and cover. It is call jack and bore. Dig a large access hole on one side of the desired run. Then a steel casement from 12" to 48" in diameter is installed in access hole. . Inside the casement is an auger that just fits inside the casement. The auger digs out a hole just slightly smaller than the casement as the casement is hydraulically ( usually ) pushed along. Sections of the casement and ager are added as needed. Spoil is removed from the auger and the casement is driven to a hole on other side of bore.
Auger is removed and then a pipe or pipes are inserted into the casement for whatever utilities needed to pass under the ROW. That way is any of the utility lines under the ROW go bad the utility line can be extracted without having to disturb the ROW above. This especially important for water lines that might break washing out ROW. Drainage is always provided to prevent any ROW impairment.
Of course the big problem with this procedure is rock. Usually a " mole " will enter the casement and remove the rock. Charges and bids for jack and bore include permits, depth, distance, and a rock charge,
  by gokeefe
Solid decision. They didn't sacrifice operational efficiency and the impact is in fact lowest at this particular site. Very safe decision to return passenger trains to a previous station location.
  by Greg Moore
I'm still hoping for the southern end relocation through North Bennington. I haven't heard updates on that in years.

But, with this completion, it'll be tempting to do a "loop" around VT with this and the Vermonter.
  by Hudson2640
https://addisonindependent.com/news/mid ... enger-rail

- Locations for Middlebury and Vergennes stations have been determined and will be built by next year.
- Burlington station is currently in the design phase.
- Majority of the track upgrades have been completed.
- The two major issues that remain are the Middlebury tunnel and the layover location for the equipment.
- Tunnel should be completed by next year (barring any more complications).
- If tunnel is completed on schedule we should see service to Burlington by 2021.
  by east point
I see a slight operational problem. The train arrives then the engineer has to change ends to bring the train to the storage siding. In the morning reverse by going north to the station then swap ends and insert any thing into the computer such as PTC. That procedure will make layover times at least 20 - 30 minutes. So if northbound train late might mean a later southbound departure.
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