• Estimates on Cost of Tappan Zee Bridge Replacement

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by JoeG
The Thruway/MTA project to study alternatives for replacement or repair of the Tappan Zee Bridge gave revised cost estimates. The most expensive proposal, a "piermont branch" replacement, a 7 mile tunnel across the hudson for highway and rail, and a cross westchester rail link, would cost $20 billion. Just repairing the existing bridge is said to cost $3.5 billion. These numbers are several times higher than earlier estimates. Interestingly, the tunnel, thought by many to be less disruptive than a new bridge, is said to be more disruptive because of its requirement for massive ventilating structures. The story was reported in the Westchester Journal News and the NY Times. Here's a link to the Times story (free, but registration required) : http://www.nytimes.com/2004/04/17/nyreg ... ridge.html
The study says that if nothing is done I287 will get like the Cross Bronx. It's hard to see them coming up with the kind of money the story talks about.
  by jmp883
Unfortunately SOMETHING will have to be done, and the money WILL have to be found to do it with or the TZ will eventually do a repeat of what happened to the West Side Highway back in the 70's or what has happenend several times in Connecticut over the last few years. Those were cases of deferred maintenance due to lack of funding, or funding being allocated elsewhere, and the cost was ultimately paid for with human life. That is an unacceptable price to pay in the name of saving money.

Now, since the TZ does need to be upgraded/replaced, it only makes sense to incorporate mass transit into the new design, and I think that adding rail capacity to whatever solution chosen would be a better way to go than HOV or bus-only lanes. I'm not an engineer or an economist so I'm not even going to open the box in regard to whether a bridge or tunnel is the better solution.

Go to www.nycroads.com and click on the Hudson River Crossings link and then go to the TZ Bridge link. There you will find not only a comprehensive history of the bridge but also a fairly detailed look at future proposals for both upgrading the current bridge as well as for either a new bridge or tunnel.

Let's just hope that the powers that be can come to a solution that will help the commuter, keep the traffic flowing, add rail service to a corridor it currently isn't in, and doesn't repeat the West Side Highway/Connecticut Turnpike bridge fiascos.

Joe P :D
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