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  by Daniel Coe
Looking for information regarding a train station a New York architect by the name of Bradford Lee Gilbert designed. The depot was built in Essex-Falls, New Jersey.
http://www.bradfordleegilbert.com/PDF_F ... df#page=14

I would like to know the current condition and any pictures of the station. A website to link to would be great! I am doing a great amount of research on Mr. Gilbert, and any information regarding this building and any others would be absolutely wonderful. For more information, you can view a website I've created.

Thank you in advance.


  by LI Loco
Wish I could help, but wanted to say thank you for posting the link to those sketches. His work was remarkable. In the early 1970s, I frequented the Liberty, NY, station (former NYO&W). At that time, it was the hippest bar in Sullivan County and the busboys, waiters and waitresses from the Concord and other hotels would usually go there after work to party.
  by Daniel Coe
LI Loco,

Thank you for replying to my question. Since you mentioned the Liberty, NY station, by any chance do you have any information regarding the present condition of it as well as pictures or a website that I can link to?

Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

  by LI Loco
The answer to your question is not a pleasant one. The old station, aka Station Tavern, burned to the ground sometime in the 1980s. :(
  by Daniel Coe
LI Loco,

:( Bummer! Thank you for letting me know. That's usually the worst of two evils train stations face. Either a fire from the ambers of a locomotive, an accidental fire inside, or an arson fire. The other worse evil of destroying a train station is the train itself derailing inside.

Kind of reminds me of a movie with the Marx Brothers. They were in a train station and the dialog kind of went like this:

Man: Where's the train?
Marx Brother: The train? The train is on the tracks, it hardly ever comes in here.

  by Ken W2KB
The westbound CNJ Elizabeth, NJ station was destroyed by a freight derailment in the 1970s. Gondola car entered it. The eastbound side station (this was 4 track mainline territory) was vacant for years but has recently opened as a restaurant.

  by frank754
I have photos from both the Liberty O&W station (long abandoned),
and the Essex Fells station. As one of my projects, I'm hoping to scan & post these sometime soon. Anyone seriously interested, please send me a reminder email in the next month or so, hopefully I'll have the time.
Most of my pix are from the late 60's -early 70's.