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  by ConstanceR46
There was discussion a while back about an ESA protect locomotive order; namely a contract offer for 2. Has any information or progress made it's way out on that?

https://www.newsday.com/long-island/tra ... s-y6tmoyaq seems to say that they're "In the Process", but otherwise doesn't give many details. Can anyone "In The Loop" enlighten us?
  by grobtech
This, like the Work Locomotive procurment is almost a decade behind schedule. This was supposed to be part of the 2015-2019 Capital Program. The Capital Program Dashboard states:

East Side Access: This contract will design, manufacture, test and deliver two low emissions engine-generator set locomotives to be used to rescue disabled trains.

According to the dashboard these locomotives were due in December is 2022.
  by freightguy
It might be that Joule company that Pacific Harbor Lines might be using to acquire fully battery powered locomotives.

On the Metro-North end of GCT work train diesels and lite locos come in all the time to perform work "in the house."
  by workextra
Calm down y’all.
The protect engineers are ordered should be here in a few Months.
They were due by late March/April
But due to the plague shortages and supply chain problems, these units were delay. I think the residents of the forum will be happy with the paint job.
Keep in mind:
MTA has final say in approval and they demanded “state colors” be incorporated. But the lirr guys supposedly did something cool.
  by freightguy
Will they be deemed "the Queens Plaza Protects?"
  by ConstanceR46
Is there any information available as to who manufactured them?
  by workextra
A reputable locomotive builder.
These aren’t custom built one off locomotive. But from what’s known I think y’all will like them.
Potentially delivered late fall 23.
Thanks to the Covid mess and residual effects form it.