• ERIE Tunnel near DL&W Bergen Tunnels

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by ryanov
I noticed a tunnel as I was riding a Bergen Co. train into Hoboken the other night. It is below, and to the right, of the Bergen Tunnels when entering toward Hoboken, and has ERIE on the top of the arch. Where does this tunnel go, and is it still used for anything?

  by Scrap The U34CH
One of em is still used. The other one used to go to the Erie pax terminal in JC vea the Bergan Arches. There was a idea of using the arches and this tunnel for a highway to the Holland Tunnel, but I think the plan was shot down.

  by nolifeCRchaser
The tunnel that you are referring to is also called the Bergen tunnel on the National Docks Branch. It runs from the west side of Jersey City to the east side by where CP NAVE used to be and is still used by CR/NS/CSX to run between Croxton and Bayonne/Oak Island. There is another tunnel alongside this one which no longer has any track running through it.


  by james1787
It's definitely still in use and quite active. I see freight moving through faily often on my morning commute to Hoboken. I just saw some auto carriers moving either late last week or early this week.

  by nick11a
^That's a great photo.

  by SPUI
Where's this tunnel in relation to the tunnel from Tonnelle Circle to the Holland Tunnel (Route 139)? I had assumed the original Erie (Long Dock Co) tunnel had been replaced by the Route 139 tunnel.

  by rcbsd45
Here is a link to a site with some neat history of the Tunnel and entire Bergen Arches project, along with some neat pictures. Enjoy!