• Erie Orange Branch - to South Orange?

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by ChancellorOfTheExchequer
I always though that the Erie's Orange Branch went as far as West Orange, and terminated there. But the 1990-era topo maps make it appear that the branch went as far south (west?) as South Orange. Is this correct?

See upper right corner of
http://historical.maptech.com/getImage. ... g&state=NJ
lower right corner of
http://historical.maptech.com/getImage. ... g&state=NJ
and lower left corner of
http://historical.maptech.com/getImage. ... g&state=NJ

  by timz
Suspect the Erie always ended at West Orange. The line to South Orange was likely the Swamp Line (?), a streetcar (?) line that I'll look up tonight.

  by Jtgshu
Living in South Orange for a few years, my guess would also be a streetcar line, more than likely running along Ridgewood Road, as the grade on this road isn't too steep in any one location, and it gradually makes its way down the mountain as it heads towards Maplewood.

Other than Ridgewood, I can't think of any other locations along the side of the mountain where there could be a ROW, well, now former ROW - except maybe Wyoming Ave, but I don't think so, as Wyoming seems too far up the hill, and if i remember correctly has a steep grade on the south side of S. Orange Ave.

  by Tri-State Tom
Chance -

Very interesting as it does appear the map maker has the 2 lines connected....although it appears you can make out the EOL for the Erie Orange/Silver Lake line just to the west of the connection.

If not a streetcar line into South Orange it could have been a long freight siding into a coal or ice dealer back then.
  by csjmjj
from checking erie tt#43 dated 4/27/52 showed 6 trains running on this branch stations included forest hill, silver lake, bloomfield, watsessing junc., east orange, brighton ave, orange, llewllyn, and final stop west orange. i walked this line when i was in 19th grade. you could see the end of the line heading down mainstreet. used to be a ball bearing factory then it became an appliance dlr. god knows what it is now the tt states speed restrictions on the line were 35 mph good amount of passeneger (commuter) serevice in the early 50's westbounds were superior to the eastbounds) hope this helpswest orange was the end of the line

  by timz
Swamp Line flooded out and abandoned in 1927.

  by SPUI
csjmjj, you're looking at the Erie branch north of Main St in West Orange (originally the Caldwell Ry). The streetcar line continued the line of this south across Main St to South Orange.

  by rvrrhs
Nice map, SPUI.

Dig the switchback on the "Orange Mountain Traction Co." route west of Gregory Ave. and south of Northfield Ave.!