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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by l008com
So I was driving down highland ave today and saw a large tamper parked on the medford branch off the Haverhill line. It was on the West side of Highland ave, which is weird because thats pretty far along the line.

Are they restoring service on this line? Probably wishful thinking I know, but theres SO much space to park equipment on this branch/stub before having to cross the street.

I was tempted to pull over and take a picture, but I did not.
  by neman2
It could be the only place where they can get highway vehicles to the equipment to fuel it, repair it , etc. with adjacent property owners permission. Just a guess on my part.
  by l008com
Well that's a sad and logical answer to the question.
  by Arlington
  by tom18287
isnt this where they were planning on parking the old orange line equipment?
  by Arlington
This is a freight branch of the Haverhill commuter line. I don't see it being a place for old subway cars

The Wellington yard (Orange Line) is a few thousand feet south of this point
  by Trinnau
They are connected. There is a switch just to the left of the tunnel off the branch to a surface level track to the west of the OL tracks that connects in just above Wellington. Old subway cars could certainly be put there because they won't have room for them in Wellington as the new cars come online.
  by l008com
They will get SUPER graffiti'd there. It will be interesting to see though.
  by newpylong
They are reconnecting the branch to the Orange Line for delivery of new cars.
  by ceo
The connection between the Haverhill Line and the Wellington Orange Line yard has had a big pile of dirt dumped on it every time I've gone by it. There would be no reason to reactivate it for delivering the new cars, since they have to be hoisted off a flatbed anyway and you can do that from the Haverhill mainline.
  by jbvb
The direct connection would be useful if they needed to bring in welded rail. But the mobile flash butt welding trucks are probably a less complicated alternative.