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  by tahawus84
I know that the port jeff branch once ended in setauket. When did they cut back the branch to port jeff? When was that new yard built?

  by bellstbarn
I suggest you reconsider your geography. Setauket is an abandoned stop between Stony Brook and Port Jefferson. The branch used to continue east of Port Jeff to Miller's Place, Rocky Point, Shoreham, and Wading River. Setauket was about 2.5 miles west of Port Jefferson. Trains pass it still, but do not stop.

  by tahawus84
sorry thanks for the correction. I wasent thinking.

  by timz
Doubtless that LIRR history website would give the exact date of the cutback-- sometime in the 1930s, right?

  by Dave Keller
Here's a brief synopsis from the notes of Bob Emery, posted on my website.

Dave Keller


From Bob Emery’s Notes

Built, Hicksville to Syosset, by Hicksville & Cold Spring Branch R.R.: 1854, which was then leased to LIRR and eventually acquired by the LIRR: 1863.

Built, Syosset to Northport, by the LIRR: 1868 (became the end of the “Old Northport” spur.)

Built, Northport Junction to Port Jefferson, by the Smithtown & Port Jefferson R. R. Co. (LIRR subsidiary): 1870.

Built, Port Jefferson to Wading River by the LIRR Co. North Shore Branch (LIRR subsidiary): 1895.

First train from Smithtown to Port Jefferson: 11/12/1873

Hicksville to “S” cabin, Syosset: 1911-12
Syosset to “S” cabin (MP 31): 1914 (“S” cabin was moved from Syosset to MP 31: 1914)

All block limit signals once had semaphores with the exception of “MI” and “WG.”

Unattended block signals added at “SJ,” “BK,” “AU,” and “JF”: 5/1928

PRR “K” card system new: 5/1928

Abandoned, MP 58 east of Port Jefferson to Wading River: 10/9/1938

Last day for Railway Express Agency service on Port Jefferson branch: 2/3/1960

Location of mileposts in relation to Route 25A as of 10/1957:

All located on north side:

MP 58 300’ east of Columbia Street - Port Jefferson
MP 59 On embankment 400’ west of Gulf gas station - Mt. Sinai (still in)
MP 60 Back of Miller Machine Tool factory – Miller Place
MP 61 100’ east of Miller Place Road – Miller Place (still in)
MP 62 North on Harrison Ave. where it crossed the LIRR tracks – Sound
MP 63 About 400’ north of the point where LILCO high tension feeder line
to RCA crosses Route 25A – Rocky Point
MP 64 500’ north of Rocky Point School – Rocky Point (still in)
MP 65 300’ east of Harding Street – Rocky Point (still in)
MP 66 Approx. ___’ north of Miller Ave. on ROW – Shoreham (still in)
MP 67 400’ west of “Nike” Air Base Road – Wading River (still in)
MP 68 Approx. 300’ north of hollow on Route 25A which is 1,000’ west of
Riverhead Town Line – Wading River

  by M1 9147
The new and current yard was built in 1997-1999, and started seeing usage in late 1999 right before all DE/DM30AC's took the place of the old equipment.

  by tahawus84
So before the yard was built the tracks just ended where the new yard is now?

  by Dave Keller
Slightly west of today's yard, with a lone, single track heading east to stop dead in the bushes, 1,550' east of the east leg of the then-existing wye, as indicated in the general order below:


The wye was located south of the old yard's tracks. Can I be safe to assume the wye no longer exists?


  by tahawus84
Thanks for the reply. The wye is still there just east of the current station.

  by M1 9147
Dave, I hate to say this to you, but the wye is still there, and is clearly visible indeed. Occasionally the Freight will turn around there, and on emergencies when the Cab car on the west end craps out, the DE gets turned around. Actually the yard extended the tracks a little further, but it was more that the yard was made to go down to Hallock Avenue where the crew house is, and the southernmost tracks are. The longest yard tracks (1, 2, and 3) end right behind Calleja Automotive Repair. The bad thing is walls were built to block the sound, so you can's see anything anymore off of Hallock Avenue, and has been the case since 2001.

  by Dave Keller
Dave, I hate to say this to you, but the wye is still there, and is clearly visible indeed.

Why would you hate to say this? I'm glad something old is still around besides me! :-)

Thanx for the update.


  by M1 9147
Why I said the word hate because I don't like to correct someone. Believe me living in Port Jeff gives me pleasure to try to answer anything that someone would ask. And with that knowing all the changes that have occured in the last 26 years helps.

  by nyandw
Port Jeff Map 1950 track capacity map:Image

As Dave Keller indicated 1895 to Wading River: lirr 1898 map:

  by Antonio Morrow
"The end of the line" As the Traveling Wilburys said. Port Jefferson end of track and also last track remains of track of wading river extension. Photo: Bill Mangahas (August 1983)

  by newkirk
Antonio Morrow wrote: "The end of the line" As the Traveling Wilburys said. Port Jefferson end of track and also last track remains of track of wading river extension.
In case if the image doesn't show.
Photo: Bill Mangahas (August 1983)