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  by Phil Hom
This was a letter in Railroad Model Craftsman from the early days of the Internet in September 1996, before forums allowed everyone to read each others shared information.

Brad Anderson writes;
"In the 1940's and 1950's, EMD provided O gauge plaster cast of their locomotives to railroad styling department. These were used to experiment with paint schemes before production."

Mr Anderson stated;
"I would like to correspond with anyone who could share more information on these unique models. What EMD units were reproduced? What happened to the molds, and have any survived?"

Signed: Brad Anderson of Muskegon, MI.

Just to follow up, this is one of those "I didn't know that?" information that I find interesting. Can anyone here add more information?

The John Nash Estate (last official President of the Lehigh Valley Railroad) sold, through a local auction house last year, a rather large collection of LV memorabilia. Nash died in south Florida, where he resided, and the auction company was from the area, as well. Besides original paintings, by Howard Fogg, a set of EMD F-3 locos, were sold. These were giant, plaster models, fully detailed, and accurately painted. The lead unit was missing one side of it's windshield, though. The auction stated, that the models were presented, to railroads that originally ordered the units, as a "thank-you" for the order. Never saw another set for sale, and, like the original Fogg artwork (that sold for over $10,000.00 a piece) the models went a little higher, than I was willing to pay. I might have saved the pictures, from the auction, will look for them, and report on that, shortly. Regards
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WR Auctions was the auction house. I'm on my laptop, out west here, and the auction was saved to my desk computer, in Florida. I did email WR, and asked them for pics, and info from the sale, if they have it on file. One of the LVRR paintings sold, is on their homepage, with a final sale price, of just over $12,000.00. (I bailed at $7,500.00) The auction had about half a dozen really good photos. Hopefully, they will still have them, and will send a set, to me. Will let you know. Regards

  by scottychaos
The Tioga Point Museum in Athens, PA has a model of Erie F-units.
I dont know for certain, but I believe this is one of the EMD plaster models.
its an ABBA set, I recall it was about O scale in size.

I havent been to that museum in 20 years, but its probably still there.


  by PCook
There were both plaster and metal "O" scale desk models produced of many EMD locomotives, they were used both for studying paint scheme proposals and as commercial gifts by the Sales Department and the Parts Department. I have photographs of many of them in one of my occasionally shown lecture programs called "EMD Demonstrators and Displays" that has been presented mostly to groups in New England.

They used to give away a model in a drawing at some Parts Department sponsored customer events at La Grange, the winners of the models were announced in the EMD Pointers newsletter. The models were also often used as part of displays at trade shows and community events, usually done up in EMD demonstrator color schemes.

  by PCook
Just an update on this discussion to let you know that EMD's uses of models in various scales are discussed in a five page article in the December 2007 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine (Pages 80 through 84). It includes information on the 1:48 scale models in plaster, aluminum, and bronze. It also covers their use of 1:87 models, smaller scale paperweight models, and the large proposal and display models and includes some of their trade show displays.

  by DMCenci
I have 2 of these (the SW7 and the GP7). The SW7 is lite blue and cream and the GP7 is mustard yellow. The paint is chipping on them and the SW7 is missing an exhaust stack..otherwsie they are in great shape..I will have to dig them out and get a few pics!
Dave C