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Discussion of Electro-Motive locomotive products and technology, past and present. Official web site can be found here: http://www.emdiesels.com/.

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  by SSW9389
There are several discrepancies between the EMC #103 map used in the February 1960 Trains magazine and the November 2014 issue. The 2014 map shows 22 railroads, while the 1960 map shows 20 railroads. The differences are the PRR and SP are added to the 2014 map. The 2014 map shows routes in 31 states, while the 1960 map correctly shows all 35 states. The routes to Portland, ME and White River Jct, VT are missing in the 2014 map. As are the Southern Railway routes to Atlanta and Birmingham missing from the 2014 map. The 2014 map shows the M&SL route from Mason City, IA to Peoria, IL. And the PRR trackage from Peoria to Valparaiso, IN. The 1960 map doesn't show the total M&SL route or any PRR trackage. It appears that neither map is correct in entirety.

And I note that the 103 operated on 47 miles of the Cotton Belt while it was demonstrating for the Missouri Pacific between Dupo, IL and Texarkana. The Pennsylvania Railroad information was found in a newspaper article according to the factoid in the 2014 issue. There is no information about #103s travels on the Southern Pacific other than lines drawn on the map in the 2014 issue. The SP tracks would also have been used over Tehachapi and on the paired trackage in Nevada while testing for Western Pacific. I'm told that the 103 operated as a trackage rights visitor on Espee.

Ed in Kentucky
  by Engineer Spike
B&M Railroad Historical Society had some VCR tapes of old 16mm movies. One had some shots of EMD 103 demonstrators on B&M. It also showed most of the R class Mountains being hauled dead to B&O, since the FTs made them surplus.
  by SSW9389
Do the B&M movies show the trips #103 made to either White River Junction, Vermont or Portland, Maine. These are noted on the 1960 Trains map and not on the 2014 Trains map. No explanation is given for the disappearance.
  by SSW9389
Bill Metzger, Trains mapmaker, explained why the 2014 map was changed from the 1960 map in the Observation Tower Blog: http://cs.trains.com/trn/b/observation- ... do-it.aspx" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Bill Metzger claims he couldn't figure out EMD's brag that the #103 visited 25 Class 1 properties during its tour of America in 1939-1940. Here is my list of 26 Class 1 properties that #103 visited. This was discerned by using both the 1960 and 2014 maps, and noting Class 1 properties in existence in 1939-1940. The list: Boston & Maine; New York Central; Erie; Baltimore & Ohio; Southern; Pennsylvania; Monon; Missouri Pacific; St. Louis San Francisco; Kansas City Southern; Minneapolis & St. Louis; Chicago Rock Island & Pacific; Chicago Burlington & Quincy; Chicago Great Western; Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul & Pacific; Great Northern; Northern Pacific; Spokane Portland & Seattle; Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe; Denver & Rio Grande Western; Southern Pacific; Alabama Great Southern; Cincinnati New Orleans and Texas Pacific; St. Louis Southwestern, and Utah. The 25 Class 1 properties that EMD claimed to have visited with #103 was not that difficult to figure out and it was right there all along in the maps.

The 2014 map shows routes in 31 states, the 1960 map shows routes in 35 states. Did David Morgan make that large of an error?