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  by Ron S.
About 20 miles west of Savannah sits the small town of Ellabell (GA). Google Earth imagery shows some type of manufacturing facility alongside the GA Central mainline about 2.5 miles east of town with an EMD switcher. Does anyone know what this place is and/or anything about the unit? Looking for model, road number, etc. Thanks!
  by rogruth
I live in Pembroke,GA about five miles west of Ellabell.I drive through Ellabell several times a week and have never seen what you have described.
It may not be along the state highway 204 which follows the railroad for some distance until the railroad turns northeast to cross the Ogechee River.
If you could be a little more specific I will see what I can find.
  by RailVet
Looking at both Google Earth and Google Maps, you can find the site just east of the Bill Futch Road grade crossing, which is a short distance north of where the road connects to Arden Loop Circle. Google Earth shows what appears to be a long-abandoned plant, largely obscured by trees, where some of the structures have been demolished in recent years; however, there seems to be some new activity on the western side of the old plant grounds, and this locomotive may be associated with it.

Getting a closer look may be very tough. The site is largely surrounded by forest and the locomotive is at the far east end. If the current operator doesn't allow visitors, seeing the locomotive up close will be very difficult.
  by ashley2771
I think what you may be looking at is a concrete plant. They have received trains of crushed stone from the Macon area via Georgia Central.
  by mowingman
Are you talking about that old abandoned Georga Pacific lumber mill? Google Earth shows an SW type switcher stored there, as of early last spring.
  by rogruth
I'll try to check on the loco sometime.

Yes,that is the old GP place.
On the highway that Georgia Central crosses,GA 204,there are signs indicating that the area is being used by a sod company and an asphalt dealer of some type.
  by rogruth
I was able to stop at the above facility this past weekend.The loco was parked at the far rear of the area and was note able to do any more than confirm that a loco is there.
The area is fenced and has cameras.