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  by David Benton

29th JAN 14:26 hrs IST
Mahout fined for walking elephant on rail track
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Thiruvananthapuram: The Railway Magistrate Court in Kollam district
of Kerala has fined a mahout Rs 1,500 for illegally walking his
elephant on the rail track at Perumon in the district earlier this

According to a Southern Railway release here, a case was registered
against the mahout, Vinod, under sections 147, 154 and 145 (B) of the
Indian Railway Act for endangering the safety of Railways as well as
travelling public, unauthorized entry into Railway property and
causing nuisance to passengers and the Railway authorities.

Cautioning other mahouts against walking their elephants on the
Railway tracks, the Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) said that in the
coming months, many temple functions would be taking place throughout

As some of the temples were located on roads parallel to the Railway
tracks, the mahouts tended to take shortcuts via the tracks. Warning
that this could have a disastrous effect on train operations and
passenger safety, the DRM appealed to the owners/mahouts not to use
the Railway track for this purpose.