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  by UPRR engineer
The Devil aka The El Diablo.... a spreader.

From UP Website:
Train details MNPWV 31 Engines UP 005925 | UP 005416 | UP 007245 | UP 008207
Engines UP 008187 | UP 008059
Scheduled Scheduled departure | GRERIVER, WY | WX817 | 06/01/05 19:45M | 000 loads | 172 empty | 05387 tons | 09979 feet
Last Passing train | WAMSUTTER, WY | WX724 | 06/01/05 10:53M | 000 loads | 172 empty | 05387 tons | 09979 feet
Crew details 0200 00 0200 P OD JL PETERSON WX817 WE13 MNPWV31 ENGINEER 01-1500

This is the train im called for today as you can see above, i gotta go make a lunch, ill tell more about how it got its name tomarrow.
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  by AmtrakFan
Long train with 172 Empties question is the Max on UP 10K Ft?

  by UPRR engineer
There is no limit on train length, if it wont fit in any sidings they treat it like a hot shot and do there best to keep it flying. The El Diablo i caught the other day was a rather long one most ones now a days look like the one here:

Train details MNPWV 02 Engines UP 005666 | UP 008183 | UP 008166 | UP 006578
Engines UP 006690
Scheduled Scheduled departure | GRERIVER, WY | WX817 | 06/03/05 22:55M | 000 loads | 129 empty | 03990 tons | 07367 feet
Last Call train | RAWLINS, WY | WX683 | 06/03/05 13:00M | 000 loads | 129 empty | 03990 tons | 07367 feet

Thats an average Devil now a days. Notice the 666 on the lead motor, pretty scary. Oddly enough, thats not the first time ive seen a 666 on the point. I had one once, it was fun to say 666 all day "Dispatcher this the UP 4... 666 El Diablo on and ready to blast off here at Green River". Got a good laugh from the dispatcher. Most are pretty good about calling us by our true name, im sure a railfan or two listening in wondered what the hell the deal was when he hears Devil Train on his scanner.

The name devil train got started when they changed the type of cars the Green River yard switched from soda ash to mixed freight. All we did was switch hopper cars and tanks for the mines. They came up with the idea to save millions by moving out the hoppers and bringing all of Pocatello's work, alot of Ogdens, and a good chunk of Cheyenne work to Green River (alot more tanks, empty and loaded lumber cars, auto racks, boxs, and steel cars.) So overnight switch crews went from pounding hoppers into rails to being scared and careful with all the new long drawbar cars. Thats one reason for the name of the new train, the other is that the symbol changed from the MNPGR to the MNPWV sence the train no longer yarded in Green River and went out west of town to deliver cars to all the mines. When they first started the Devil they were super long, 250 or 260, somewhere around there. We make up to five setouts on most Devils, and to boot, at first North Platte didnt block the train at all. 250+ cars, five different brands of mine cars shot gunned threw the intire train. It was a mess, a crew could spend 10 hours on the main jacking the same cars around till you made it to Westvaco.

Things are better with the Devil now, it shows up blocked, or fairly decent, less than 150 cars most days. The reasons for shorter ones is that the crews east of GR would put the screws to the main if they went into emergency and had to walk it, so insted of combining the OBTNP cars with the Devil at NP they run it straight threw from there as a OBTWV <---- mini Devil is what we have dubbed it. (if i was in Texas... Mexican Devil or just El Diablo. OBTWV trains im supposing are cars from the ports in Texas along with the soda ash cars coming back from Mexico)

An over kill on power on these trains is because it serves as a motor transfer also, so GR can have plenty of locomotives for the locals. Sometimes we cut it in GR and sometimes we set out good back to back sets along the way for the locals the next day or that night.

Sometimes the Devil picks up on the way back to town but most days after Westvaco a guy gets to skinner back to town 70 MPH lite power which is always a fun ride.

(it took me about an hour to type all that.... man i suck)
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  by UPRR engineer
Left something out that some guys do, if you say it fast you can throw in the words blow me over the radio at the end like this... "30 to the hook...El Diablo blow me" For some reason the faster a guys says it the funnier it is, i dont know why.

  by AmtrakFan
Thanks for sharing that interasting Story about it. One more question does Cheyenne still sort Autoracks?

  by UPRR engineer

I heard something about that the other day at work... cant remember where tho.... i know they changed all the symbols on auto racks around to and from NP and gave Cheyenne alot more work sorting out racks. Might be wrong there tho. I really dont know what happened to Cheyenne when we took most of there work away when the Diablo's started running, maybe they did alot of autos after that happened with even more now.

  by UPRR engineer
Anything else out there thats got a name or a story?

Steelwheels, is Barnes close to where you work buddy? What about the siding T4? The soda ash coming down from Portland back when i first hired out use to be called the OBAGR which we called O'Bagger and just plain old Baggy by the comics. Not as creative as El Diablo, but just as much fun to say over the radio. The OBAGR's turned into the OT4GR's and OT4WV's a couple years ago, but on some nights you can hear over the radio "bring her back Baggy" ... always puts a smile on my face.

On another note.... anyone work somewhere were the stuff like i described and the stuff we say and do would get you in trouble? We had some Powder River barrow outs here a couple years ago and they said we got away with murder compaired to where they worked. Any sign of having fun at work over the radio quickly got you shut down. No joking with the dispatchers or yardmasters, 100% all the time. Anyone work in a place like that?

  by SteelWheels21
Haha, Barnes IS where I've been working a lot, T4 is where we drop off those soda ash trains you send us. It's a tricky spot, a long straight descending grade, with a RR crossing "stop" sign in the middle (for us, not the motorists lol) and a sharp curve at the bottom by the pit..if you lose the handle you will probably wind up with a car or two in the Willamette river. It's happened a few times I've heard. About 3 months ago when Kinder-Morgan who loads the stuff onto boats re-opened, we had such a meltdown at Barnes that we couldn't get you your empties back to reload. I guess there are close to 700 cars used to transport, we had 550 of them in our yard and the others were enroute to us. It's not uncommon for a job at Barnes to pull and spot soda ash twice in one shift, those guys get a LOT done in a day.

We have a good time on the radio, but a while ago we had all the SHEOP people in town and they handed out tickets for excessive radio use, tower guys included.

  by UPRR engineer
Train details MNPWV 06 Engines UP 005623 | UP 006661 | UP 008026
Scheduled Scheduled departure | GRERIVER, WY | WX817

Another one with a 666 in the consist.

Hows the OT4's doing now there SteelWheels, been a while sence ive saw one.

  by SteelWheels21
I haven't caught one of those Soda Ash trains in a while, the traffic must slow down during certain periods. I see them pop up every now and then on the call board, but not as often as usual. When I was in the yard, it seems like we were spotting two of those a day. We're kind of in a lull right now, it will pick back up when the second grain harvest is ready to ship. Lots of Grain shuttles, they'll add a few turns to the grain pool.