• Eastern Canadian railfan ideas?

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Canada. For specific railroad questions, see Fallen Flags and Active Railroads categories.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Canada. For specific railroad questions, see Fallen Flags and Active Railroads categories.

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  by train2

Its been a little over 10 years since I last visited Canada. Way to long, but my last trip was a goodie, an epic two weeker to Cartier and QNSL.

I am needing a quick fix so to speak of red painted ponys. Here is my question, I have not seen a lot written (in print) recently about mainlines in the easier to reach sections of Canada--ie close to the border. On prior trips I have covered Montreal (did the dual mains west of the island) and Toronto/Bayview quite well and I am not opposed to doing some of that again for updated coverage. However other than those areas I am at a loss for good places to go. My closest point of entry is Buffalo. I know very little about Toronto west to Detroit and the tunnel to the US. Is that area worthy of exploration?

What are the mains between Montreal and Toronto like as far as scenery and train volume? (FYI: I am not looking for a place to sit and wait all day and let the trains come to me, I am OK with moving around to do my photography.)

I would love to go to White River/Sunbury, ON but that is out for this trip.

It is longer but not out of the question to head more toward Montreal.

Given the above zone of easy driving to Canada what would you folks recommend as good several places to go? My priorities are scenery first, neat operations second and yards last.

  by Montrealrail
Eastern Canada for scenery

here's my suggestions..
CN are the most known mainline to railfanning,especially the Kinston sub and the Ste-Hyacinthe sub..some great place for scenery there,over Kingston sub,you will have a long section where the 401 and Higway 20 will following the tracks and from Ontario/Quevec border,some many great sports to get nice picture,also VIA Alexandria sub are great..on St-Hyacinthe sub,starting from St-Lambert to Quebec,some nice scenery shot are possible,even some nice bridge shots..

On CP rail,a little bit far from the highway,the Winchester sub are giving very nice scenery between Smith Falls and Vaudreuil,some great rock spots and bride shots..even with farms,barns and few many background..on the road,have to pay attention to deers,cause there's a lot in this area,especially on Ontario area..also,you can see some turtles on the road,a little bad for suspension..

and for mountain and green scenery,the Montreal,Main and Atlantic are the greatest one,always coloured trains with old rolling stock..looking like a rolling museum each time,with former ex BNSF and Santa Fe locomotive,and actually,they rolling with some CP units,former Conrail rolling stock,recently aquiered,and also the Orford Express touristic train,that run with 2 RDC Buud,a dome car and the newly aquiered FL9 #484

here some of my shots,to let you have some ideas

for MMA




for CP Rail


and for CN