Discussion relating to the past and present operations of CPR. Official web site can be found here: CPKCR.com. Includes Kansas City Southern. There is also a KCS sub-forum for prior operations: kansas-city-southern-and-affiliates-f153.html

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  by delvalrailfan
140 Bensenville IL-Toronto ON
141 Toronto ON-Bensenville IL
234 Windsor ON-Toronto ON
235 Montreal QC-Detroit MI (CSX)
240 Bensenville IL-Toronto ON
241 Toronto ON-Bensenville IL
242 Bensenville IL-Toronto ON
243 Toronto ON-Bensenville IL
246 Sudbury ON-Buffalo NY (CSX)
247 Buffalo NY (CSX)-Sudbury ON
254 London ON-Buffalo NY (NS)
255 Buffalo NY (NS)-London ON
420 Winnipeg MB-Toronto ON
421 Toronto ON-Winnipeg MB

100 Vancouver BC-Toronto ON
101 Toronto ON-Vancouver BC
112 Vancouver BC-Montreal QC
113 Montreal QC-Vancouver BC
118 Edmonton AB-Montreal QC
119 Montreal QC-Edmonton AB
132 Toronto ON-Montreal QC
133 Montreal QC-Toronto ON
142 Bensenville IL-Montreal QC
143 Montreal QC-Bensenville IL

147 Toronto ON-Gibson IN (IHB)
244 Gibson IN (IHB)-Toronto ON
245 Toronto ON-Gibson IN (IHB)