Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by west point
There is Another point that posters cannot reliably figure without actually doing it. How long to get from the bowels of LIRR GCT to either the street , the 1,2,3, lines, 7 line, the shuttle , any bus stop, or even to MNRR for those needing to go to Westchester ?
  by photobug56
True. I've seen lots of photos and video that show the escalators but NONE running, and if they are as slow as most other MTA escalators you could eat your breakfast during the ride. Same with the elevators, except that it shouldn't take long after opening for them to turn into vertically mobile cesspools. Very unappetizing.

Another issue; MTA escalators and elevators tend to be pretty unreliable (even without vandals), and supposedly the firm doing them did an awful job on the 2nd Ave Stubway.
  by freightguy
Some of the escalator steps are already being replaced on the long ones that lead down to the train caverns. They seem to be made of some composite plastic material. It doesn't seem like they build stuff to last today. Maybe if you fall down 150 feet it won't hurt as much until you hit the bottom.
  by photobug56
Ouch! Hard to comprehend escalators (not a new technology) needing such work before they've even been put into service. Yet I'm not really surprised. More like I'm worried that once in service, there will be times when there won't be enough working escalators in any of the groups of escalators, in the station area and going up near and to street level. And that ignores the ones to street level that aren't so great.