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Pan Am Southern (webssite: https://panamsouthern.com ) is jointly-owned by CSX and Norfolk Southern, but operated by Genesee & Wyoming subsidiary Pittsburg & Shawmut dba Berkshire and Eastern,

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  by 690
gokeefe wrote:Sounds more like cuts of cars coming out of Bow, NH.

Rumford coal that I've seen in the past typically travels one gondola car at a time to Rumford from Portland. Surprising but the pictures and video say it all ...
They almost always send it in groups, usually five or more at a time.
  by neman2
CN9634 wrote:That would be an unusual move. Typically Rumford hauls coal in NS open top hopper cars in cuts of 8 to 12 cars on lease by Pan Am, maybe 1 - 2 times a week (or more) on the Rumford job. MT cars coming in on EDPO would suggest as 690 has said that they are cycling through equipment unless there is some new source of traffic and Pan Am needs the cars badly. All in all, Rumford coal does not come into the mill one gondola at a time... but we do know that Pan Am's own equipment is so shot for service they'd had to pickup some NS equipment (which obviously there are plenty of coal hoppers around the system this day and age...)
Could they be for the Everett casino dirty dirt?
  by newpylong
Never seen a capped coal hopper so doubtful. Didn't Wynn lease their own gons too?
  by Trinnau
All the Wynn dirt is in open-topped CSX gons. That traffic is going out via CSX, so it makes sense they're using their gons for the move (to make more).

The Rumford Coal explanation makes the most sense. NS has plenty of gons and hoppers just sitting with the downturn in coal traffic, probably happy they're making some money.
  by atholrail
About 1000 cars in Deerfield today.

BFED 507-350, ED4 yarded.
PLED 352-2009, ED4 yarded, had to wait for ED1 to pull a track.
POED 610-8955-615, had to wait for ED1 to pull a track.
EDAY 381-373-310, died at Lake Pleasent crew taxied back to get the 604 as their new leader. ED2 was "supposed" to recrew this tonight.
EDPO 600-3404. Yesterdays EDPO was recrewed at Lake Pleasant this morning, no stats. EDPO from 2 days ago was recrewed at AY early this morning, 611-305-514-371.
EDRJ 608-3005-603, had to wait for ED4 to pull an RJED off the Greenfield, and then for 14R to fill it back up.
  by BM6569
Sounds like some gridlock!
  by Brian4449
There is a Loram Rail grinder sitting in East Deerfield Yard.
  by Plate C
Passed through the area today. Rail grinder still there. About 2pm NS rolled through with a line of auto racks. Looked like a job was getting set to leave, P&W leading PAR. Line of CSX power parked in the yard.

Did not see the power but there was a line of mixed freight outside the yard headed toward Greenfield, and a line of tankers on a line in the opposite direction.
  by Plate C
Passed through again around 8:30-9am just in time to see NS lead a line of loaded auto racks through. Tank cars still outside yard. Line of mixed freight still outside the yard, now with CSX power attached but did not appear to be running.
  by newpylong
Pose making Deerfield pick up before going south. Will.be 8k tons with 3 gevos. Should be a good show hwading up the loop.
  by atholrail
BFED had the 606-354 this morning. They brought in the Claremont & Concord 105.

RJED had the 7605-7552 and 84 cars. Train left on the Greenfield industrial around 1300.

EDRJ had the 7609-7528. Don't believe they left Deerfield.

14R NS 9581-9679 canned 112 bridge.

EDBF should have 354-606 tonight.

7585-7534-7635-351 were around the pit.
  by atholrail
BFED came in with the 606-354 again this morning.

EDPO 7605-7552 took about 70 out of Deerfield around 0800.

AYED 7542-7620-502 and around 90 cars canned at Montague.

RJED 7622-7627-613-608-377 canned 112 bridge, over 100 cars.

11R NS 9944-9679-9581 took 86 out of Deerfield around 1230.

POED 7518-7535 came in with around 70.

ED2 should have the 351.

EDBF should have 354-606.
  by Plate C
Was there yesterday, could not make out what is that switch engine down near the shops? Could only see its rear.
  by 690
The MP15? That's the hump switcher.
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