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  by nydepot
What kind of power was TYPICALLY switching in East Binghamton yard by the mid-80s (85-87)? Thanks.

  by scottychaos
Those were the Guilford years..I visited that yard several times during that era..
I never once saw an actual switcher..(an SW-something)..
switching was probably done by "road power"..D&H and Guilford GP38-2's and the like..
They might have kept a few of the D&H alcos as local switchers during that era, the last of the RS11's..
I dont think they went out on the road much during their last years..
but I never noticed which power was "through power" and which might have been dedicated yard power..
As far as I know, anything that Guilford/D&H/Susquehanna had on the roster at that time
could have been switchers..but no actual "switchers"! ;)

If there was dedicated yard power, it probably would have been the smaller and older road switchers..
the last of the D&H RS11's..(No RS3's or RS1's by the mid-80's) (C420's and C424's were road power until the end)
B&M had a few GP9's that were floating around on Guilford during those years..those would be contenders too..
Or they might have simply used whatever power was handy at the moment..there was always a lot of power around..

  by Cactus Jack
In the 1982 - 86/87 period I remember

5000's - Alco RS-'s - frequently

C420's in various schemes from LV to Guilford including L&HR

C424m's occaisionally

7300's - GP-38-2's - occaisionally

and 2300's - U23B's which seemed to be a favorite with the older guys like Phil Neville because they were very quiet in the cab.

RS-3m's - the 500's including the red / white / blue one.

seems also I recall later in that time period MEC GP38's, B&M GP-9's, ex ATSF SD26's on occaision

The last RS-3 I recall was idling as a yard engine at Oneonta in the 1984 time era.
I do not recall the RS-3's at East Binghamton, but they may have been there.
  by cjvrr
The times I went there in the mid 1980s until their retirement it was almost always the 5000's.