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  by DougABC
I am starting in HO and I'm interested in logging in the Adirondacks, NY in the early 1900's. I am having problems finding people/loggers from this era. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  by SRS125
There is a book called the Fossmill Story its based on a real place that once exsited from the early 1920's to the mid 1940's in Southern Ontario, Canada. I recamend this book 1. It is extreamley detailed on what life was like liveing and working in a lumber camp. 2 the people who lived there shared there memorys. 3. Maps and Blue prints of bridges, mill buildings, Lumber Yard set up, and village set up are all showen.

It may not be based on the New York area but it is well worth the reading and education. The guys who wrote this book have several books on turn of the centery logging railroads and just logging in general.

here is the link to read the reviews:
http://www.pastforward.ca/publications/ ... lstory.htm

there is also a 30min video that was made in 1924 as a promotional video that was used to sell lumber in europe that goos along with this book it is vary, vary good and a must have.

  by wis bang
One of the FOXFIRE books has a good section on pulp wood & RR tie opeations in the Carolina's that covers log skidding w/ oxen to the fledgling RR line, steam saw mills & the like. I remember pictures of RR ties stacked up like sky scrapers...