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  by David Benton
i guess the next big leap in dynamic braking will be when they fiqure out a way to store the power produced , and then have it avaliable for use when needed . i believe some trucks ( volvo ???) have this ability .

  by LCJ
GE is on that already!


  by jg greenwood
LCJ wrote:GE is on that already


  by CN_Hogger
LCJ wrote:GE is on that already!
So another thing that either wont work or will break on a GE?

  by David Benton
Thanks for the link . it makes sense , but that must be one expensive battery bank . it says lead free , i assume it must be nimh batteries .

  by LCJ

LCJ, I wasn't implying you had a hand in it, just curious as to how YOU handled it. I know a person of your character, and caliber, wouldn't stoop to such things (or would you :wink: ). As for the eco "imagination" stuff, I agree, just one more thing to fail, fall off or f&@#-up!!! That stretch braking came in handy daily, "running the gauntlet" through the projects in Hoboken. Ever see someone jump onto the side of a plug-door box, travelling 20 mph, and pop the lock, then start looting it? At least I was never cut there, angle-cocked more than a few times, but never cut. 5TH Ward Texas, near Hardy street was another "hot-spot", as was anything in, or near Bensenville, Ill. Avondale, Patterson, South Philly, Baltimore, Perth Amboy, etc, etc, etc......... Stretch braking, and twice the MAS, is the only way to fly.......... :-D

  by LCJ
I learned power braking from former New York Central guys on the Mohawk. They never had dynamics until the PC merger.

Agreed that stretch braking was the only way to get through Hoboken in one piece -- although the old tire standing up in the gauge was kinda hard to avoid. It would bounce around until it separated a hose. You can imagine what happened next. Mr. Policeman was seldom around to take the tires off before we came through. What's that they say about an ounce of prevention?

  by Jtgshu
Now imagine riding some of those same tracks on a trolley! gotta love "progress"