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  by george matthews
John_Perkowski wrote:Ditto a goodly chunk of the Union Pacific fleet, including all its domes.

Southern Pacific didn't sell off its domes to Amtrak for at least two years.

There was an excellent article in the December (IIRC) 1972 Trains about how the inspections and selections were made. Bill Kratville did much of the Western work. Various ex-Pullman Company mechanical people did much of the inspecting.
About 30 years ago I remember seeing (and riding in) some former US trains on their line between Dammam and Riyadh. I can't remember what company they had come from. I rode in the back car which was like an observation car with a view of the track behind.

Saudi railways have since bought modern European cars and the last time I was there (20 years ago) I noted some old US trains rusting in the yard.
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  by John_Perkowski
Mr Mathews,

As I recall, those were the original Denver Zephyr twins, which the CB&Q sold to Saudi State Railways well before the creation of Amtrak.

Because this is more of the Rail Travel and Trip reports kind of information, I will move your post and mine to said Forum. I'd ask other members who have more certain knowledge to weigh in on this! :)