• Does anyone miss the Burlington Commuter E9s?

  • Discussion relating to the BN, and its predecessors GN, NP, CB&Q, SP&S, SL-SF, and their subsidiaries. Visit the Friends of the Burlington Northern for more information.
Discussion relating to the BN, and its predecessors GN, NP, CB&Q, SP&S, SL-SF, and their subsidiaries. Visit the Friends of the Burlington Northern for more information.

Should they bring the E9s back?

  by BN7151
MR77100 wrote:Watching the rush hours was alot of fun, and I do recall seeing as many as 3 units lashed up together.
I've never heard of E9s triple headed on commuter trains. Does anyone have photo evidence of this?
  by sjlevine34
Nashville and Eastern's 9925 was undergoing a refurbishing when I last saw it 2 years ago, with placement of ditch lights, etc.

Two of the N&E RR's E's can be seen, nose first, coupled elephant style, from the westbound to northbound ramp of the I-40/I-24 junction in Nashville. They have been stored there for awhile.

Unfortunately, the area is in a very rough part of town.


  by bones
I have no pictures, but I did also see triple-headers.

Generally the triple-header was seen on Sunday, also known as "The Sunday Special". Over the weekend they would send a handfull of E's to the Zephyr Pit for service, and on Sunday afternoon about 4PM they would triple-head them back to Aurora.

  by BN7151
Would be nice to see that today with Metra. I have seen BN Es running with the train to Galesburg, triple headed, but that's the only time I've ever heard of that happening.

Maybe they'll bring the Es "back for a day" someday. You never know!

  by Engineer Spike
I worked as a passenger brakeman in Aurora. Some of the engineers used to say that they liked th E9 better.

  by BN7151
I can say with confidence that I prefer an E9 over a F40 any day.

  by RiverMP21
The Susie-Q is selling its two ex-BN E9s - I forgot the website, but the information is online somewhere...

  by AmtrakFan
I miss them because I was too Young to Remember them when they were Retired I was about 2 or 2.5 I miss them I wish they were still in service my Dad rode the Final run of them into Chicago.


  by arnstg
Two of the listed E Units are at the IRM in Union, Il.

9911A - This E5A is the only one left in existence. It was the Silver Pilot
on the original Denver Zephyr. A beauty to behold!

9919 - This became the BN-3 as part of the BN executive train. It was generously donated to IRM, as I recall, along with the following:

BN-1 F9 Ex NP 6700A, BN 766

BN-2 F9B Ex NP 7002C, BN 809

BN-3 E9U Ex 9919, CB&Q 9989A

Don't remember the reason for retirement but, but as I recall, they felt that it was underpowered. They are done in colors similar to the original SD70MAC's .

  by c604.
Its kinda neat, the BN-3 is still 9919 on the inside. It looks the same, sounds the same, and even still has its markings for 9919 in the cab and engine room. Most importantly, it still performs with the performance of an athlete doing a 100M dash :-)

  by Yonge
BN7151 wrote:I believe 9909 and 9911 were the only two that did not survive the retirements. (A friend had told me he knew that 9905 was running somewhere.) Oh well, we have 24 of the original 26, that's good to know.
Both 9905 and 9911 went to MARC, with 9905 becoming MARC 65 and 9911 becoming MARC 69. Both may have been scrapped after MARC retired them in 1994 or 1995.

There wasn’t a 9909. There were 9 Es rebuilt from E8s numbered 9900-9908, and there were 16 rebuilt from E9s numbered 9910-9925.

  by Scotty Burkhardt
i was told by my uncle that MARC has their ex BN units stored.

  by Hambone
I grew up in Downers Grove in the 80s, spent much time hanging out at Belmont. Have many photos, even some casette recordings of em'. I'll never forget that unturbocharged rumble as they started up. BN always kept em' in good condition, shiny paint. Very sorry to see them go. The funny thing is, they could have been rebuilt again for less money than new power...

  by Lehigh Valley Railroad
I would like them to, but odd are they are not.